Multiple Artists Redo And Fix DC Comics’ Wonder Woman 1984 Variant Cover

DC Comics in collaboration with Rooster Teeth recently revealed a variant cover by Robin Eisenberg for their upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 comic tie in.

They shared the variant cover to their DC Nation social media account and wrote, “Only one word for the Wonder Woman 1984 #1 Rooster Teeth variant cover by Robin Eisenberg: rad. Out September 29.”

Here’s a better look.

The cover would be lampooned on Twitter.

Heel vs Babyface wrote, “AT&T please just shut this embarrassment of a company down. They have no respect for the characters nor their audience. License out the characters to people that actually care.”

Former DC Comics artist Mike Miller, who is currently crowdfunding The MAGAnificent 7 on IndieGoGo, wrote, “Are you this out of touch with the fans? Look at the comments here. I can’t find ONE that thinks this is a good idea. I’m not saying anything about the artist, just… this is Wonder Woman. Come on.”

Father Chris Miller simply wrote, “garbage” and then shared a Family Guy meme.

The Tardis Zone wrote, “I had a poo that was betrer than this piece of crap and more satisfying.”

The Doktor added, “Is “rad” short for “radioactive” in this instance? As in, this cover is going to give everyone cancer?”

The Dunadan wrote, “What in hades…..? What, did she give up fighting evil and decide to battle ice cream Instead?”

While plenty of people criticized the artwork, others showed off their own artwork in the stylings of the cover.

Twitter user Makini1990 shared their work-in-progress version to Twitter writing, “Saw the WW84 Cover and thought I could have fun with my own version :)”

Here’s a better look.

George Alexopoulos shared his version to Twitter as well writing, “What’s that you say, DC? A thicc Greek woman living in Astoria, Queens during the 80’s who beats up men? All you had to do was ask.”

Here’s a better look at the completed piece, which he calls “Wondar Lady.”

Alexopoulos even indicated he had begun selling prints of the piece. You can grab one for $15 on Etsy.

Artist Armaron also shared their version of the variant cover. They wrote on Twitter, “Had some fun with this.”

Here’s a better look.

Dylan R. Fagan would claim to fix the variant cover writing on Facebook, “Don’t mind me, just fixing OFFICIAL DC Comics artwork.”

Ashion 101 also shared the version to Twitter. They wrote, “My fast and rough stab at redoing that particular Wonder Woman 1984 cover.”

Ashion added, “I got nothing against artists and their styles, but that was just not what I’d expect for a DC comic cover… though they would rather be woke than have drool worthy art these days it seems.”

Here’s a better look.

War Dance Comics artist Snoots also shared their version of the variant cover. War Dance Comics wrote on Twitter, “Our artist took a shot at redoing that wonder woman 84 cover. Needless to say she f***ing nailed it!”

Here’s a better look.

Twitter user FlorenceLupin would share their own version of the variant cover as well. They wrote, “Saw DC’s Wonder Woman 1984 cover art, so I made a redraw!”

Here’s a better look at the black and white version.

And here’s the full color version.

Which version of the Wonder Woman 1984 variant and variant-inspired artwork do you like the best?

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