Artist Arion69 Shares Pinups of She-Ra And G.I. Joe’s Baroness

Artist Arion69 recently shared pinups of She-Ra and G.I. Joe’s Baroness to their Deviant Art page.

She-Ra was first introduced in the film The Secret of the Sword as Force Captain Adora of the Horde ruling Etheria. However, it would eventually be revealed that Adora was actually Princess Adora the long-lost twin sister of He-Man, Prince Adam.

Adora was kidnapped by the Evil Horde leader Hordak and raised as a brainwashed Force Captain. She would eventually break free of the spell after the Sorceress revealed to her that she was kidnapped and that she had a twin brother in Adam.

After breaking the spell, and with the Sword of Protection in her hands she states, “For the honor of Grayskull.” She is then transformed into She-Ra.

Like He-Man she also has a mount. She obtains her mount by leaping into the Horde stables and landing on a horse named Spirit. Spirit is then transformed into a talking unicorn named Swift Wind.

Adora would eventually take on the leadership of the Great Rebellion and would attempt to free Etheria from the Evil Horde.

As for Adora’s outfit, in her Adora form she wears a red leotard with a black belt. She also wears a pair of knee high red boots.

As She-Ra, her red leotard is transformed into a white dress with a flower design and gold trimming. A gold winged crown adorns her head with a gold choker around her neck. She also sports a red cape. Her red boots become gold boots and she has gold bracers on her arms.

Arion69 would be inspired by this classic She-Ra design with their pinup. There are some differences.

Arion69 gives She-Ra a golden armband. Her cloak appears to be in tatters indicating she might have just come out of battle. Her bracers are also white with golden trimming.

Take a look.

Arion69 would also share a pinup of G.I. Joe’s Baroness.

Baroness or Anastasia DeCobray is a member of Cobra Command specializing in intelligence and sabotage. She first appeared in G.I. Joe #1 written by Larry Hama with art by Herb Trimpe and Bob McLeod.

In her first appearance Baroness kidnaps Dr. Adele Burkhart from a moving train.

Her kidnapping of Burkhart sees the United States of America deploy the special counter-terrorist group named G.I. Joe on a rescue mission that sees the Joes face the full might of Cobra Commander and his army.

Baroness’ initial look saw her wear a long sleeved blue shirt with a blue pencil skirt and a pair of blue boots that come up to her calf. Her appearance would change when she arrived at Cobra’s base on an island in the Caribbean.

Here she would wear a more traditional military uniform with a long-sleeved blue turtleneck shirt, blue gloves, blue pants, and blue boots. The pants, the shirt, and the boots would all feature gold trimming. She would also wear a big gold belt. The top of the turtleneck would feature a thick gold collar.

While Baroness would be featured in a blue outfit in her first appearance in the comic, her action figure featured her in her trademark black leather outfit.

It’s the toy outfit that Arion69 used for her pinup. Take a look.

She-Ra and Baroness are not the only pinups that Arion69 has shared recently.

Just a few days ago Arion69 shared a pinup of Overwatch’s Brigitte.

Arion69 also shared a pinup of Mass Effect’s Miranda Lawson.

They also shared a pinup of Asassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Kassandra.

Back in March they shared a pinup of Street Fighter’s Chun-Li.

In February they shared a pinup of Power Girl.

You can support Arion69 on Patreon where they have multiple membership levels for backers to choose from. You can also follow Arion69 on Deviant Art.

What do you make of Arion69’s pinups of She-Ra and Baroness? Which pinup is your favorite?

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