Artist GoDichi recently shared a cheeky Uzaki-chan art piece mocking critics of the character.

Uzaki Hana or Uzaki-chan is the main character in the Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! manga and anime. The manga was originally created by TAKE.

When she first appeared in the manga Uzaki Hana is a 19-year-old 2nd year student who tries to get her current college classmate Shinchi Sakurai out of his comfort zone, much to his annoyance.

Uzaki is just shy of 5 feet tall, has silver hair, blue eyes, a bust of 96 centimetres and D cups. She typically wears a long sleeve shirt with a short skirt.

Her shirt sometimes has the words “Sugoi Dekai” emblazoned on the chest, which translated to “super big.” She is also seen wearing a light blue skirt with black tights and brown boots.

The character has been the subject of controversy since she was featured on a Red Cross campaign with critics of the campaign and the character claiming the 19 year-old is “over sexualized.”

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Twitter activist Unseen Japan specifically took issue with the Red Cross’ use of Uzaki-chan writing, “I admire the work the Red Cross does, which is why I’m disappointed that the Japanese Red Cross Society in Japan would run a campaign using the over-sexualized Uzaki-chan.”

Unseen Japan would add in a subsequent Tweet, “Let me clarify. I’m not opposed to your particular fetish. There’s an appropriate place for erotic material of all kinds. The issue is that eroticization of women occurs EVERYWHERE – including places where it’s inappropriate. Like, you know, a fucking BLOOD DRIVE CAMPAIGN.”

They then claimed that there is “rampant sexism in Japanese society.”

Unseen Japan wrote, “The sad thing is, I found this ad simply walking through Shinjuku Station on the way to have lunch w my family. That should give you pause to think about how rampant sexism is in Japanese society.”

Despite the criticism, the Japanese Red Cross would continue their collaboration for their originally scheduled duration according to Sora News.

Not only would they finish out the original collaboration, but they even launched a second one in January 2020.

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The controversy would seemingly die off until the first season of the anime premiered in July from production studio ENGI. With the anime’s premiere a number of individuals began to criticize and attack the anime with a number of people claiming they “sexualized [a] child.”

Another user insinuated the character was made for pedophiles and asked, “Why are they sexualizing a woman that looks like a toddler.”

They wrote in full, “See imma have to play devil’s advocate. We need to have a conversation about the boarderline pedophilia & sexual assault in anime. Why are they sexualizing a woman that looks like a toddler? Why did he slap her butt & was pulling her like that? This is not cute it’s weird.”

Artist GoDichi had a little fun with these critics and produced a cheeky drawing of Uzaki-chan saying, “My back doesn’t hurt, I’m just a drawing!”

Here’s a better look.

Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out! is available to stream on Funimation in North America and on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand.

Currently five episodes are available. There will be 12 episodes in total for the first season.

You can follow GoDichi on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pixiv.

What do you make of GoDichi’s cheeky Uzaki-chan drawing?

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