New Rumor Provides Update On Amber Heard and Ezra Miller’s Status At Warner Bros.

It turns out, contrary to rumors and their behavior, Ezra Miller and Amber Heard are staying aboard their popular franchises at Warner Bros.


This is according to a new scoop from Mikey Sutton that YouTube’s Pop Culture Minefield passed along. Both are part of the Geekosity network.

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As show co-host, Mr. Keith explains, according to Sutton both Miller and Heard are remaining with Warner Bros. for the foreseeable future. Of course, Keith is shocked to report that.

Heard, for a start, has been embroiled in a defamation suit brought by former flame and husband Johnny Depp. He has seen his reputation dragged through the mud and his career placed in jeopardy.

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Depp was fired from Pirates of the Caribbean and his future as part of the Fantastic Beasts property was in doubt for a spell. Fortunately for his supporters, he will be back to play Grindelwald.

Miller is also part of Fantastic Beasts, on top of The Flash. Warner Bros., coming out of COVID-19, prefers to move along with business as usual without going to the trouble of replacing anybody.

This puts Warner in an awkward position. The studio is holding onto Miller when a video of him choking and forcing a woman to the ground went viral and stirred up a controversy.

We should note he wasn’t charged or investigated. Grace Randolph added recently he brings unwanted baggage, regardless.

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They are also keeping Amber Heard around despite mountains of evidence and recordings she is a cheater and an abuser, worse than Depp is accused of being. She’s even been called a liar.

Amber Heard

Fan outcry is intense. Petitions have been created vying for Emilia Clarke to replace Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2 and to have Miller removed from Fantastic Beasts 3.

They gained traction with thousands of signatures but don’t seem to have moved the needle at WB. A few pointed out the hypocrisy Warner shows here.

The studio won’t fire Amber Heard or Ezra Miller, but they let go of Hartley Sawyer after some old, insensitive tweets of his surfaced.

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Mikey Sutton noted there is a greater sensitivity at The CW about the content of Sawyer’s deleted posts. Neither the network nor WB itself shows signs of changing their mind there.

Pop Culture Minefield co-host Gerry Kissel reports these decisions are being made solely at Warner and their parent company AT&T has yet to get involved.

Pop Culture Minefield also had big news about Sutton launching a Geekosity online magazine. They say it’s coming soon and the show will keep viewers updated.

Ezra Miller and Amber Heard are slated to participate in DC FanDome.

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