New images from the set of Jurassic World: Dominion reveal more about the film. The images were released by The New York Times in an article about the Jurassic sequel and Hollywood going back to work in the wake of COVID.

The first shows a special effects artist wearing a mask as she works on props or puppets of either baby raptors or Compsognathus in cages. If you recall the Compsognathus (“Compies” for short) from The Lost World, carnivorous predators that travel in flocks, that is their actual full-grown size.

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Jurassic World Raptor chicks

This photo confirms two things: one, we will see a return to practical effects and animatronics just as director Colin Trevorrow promised. And two, dinosaurs beyond the usual T-Rex and Longnecks are staged for a comeback.

Furthermore, they have to come from Site B on Isla Sorna whether directly or via embryos. Site B was teased on a cryogenic crate in a previous picture from set taken by Trevorrow. It’s also the only site left after a volcano consumed Isla Nublar in Fallen Kingdom.

jurassic world-dominion-set-photo-ingen-crate-siteb

Sorna was also the last place we saw Compies featured prominently. In Lost World, they attacked and ate Peter Stormare’s character.

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The other image shows a take in progress of Chris Pratt and probably Bryce Dallas Howard exploring an untamed woodland reminiscent of Sorna in Lost World and Jurassic Park 3.

Jurassic Dominion & Phil the Boom Guy

Cameras are rolling again on Dominion at Pinewood Studios in England under strict guidelines. Universal Pictures issued a 107-page safety manual and installed infrared temperature readers.

They also enacted a sterile lunch counter complete with vacuum-sealed meals and masked servers behind plastic partitions.

The film and its crew are among the “guinea pigs,” as Dallas Howard put it to the Times, filming overseas. “Until now, actors were not really included in prep,” Howard said.

“But in order to get any of us on a plane, we had to thoroughly understand the protocols, who was involved and hear second and third opinions,” she continued. “We are the guinea pigs who are going to take the leap.”

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Jurassic World

Production is resuming as well on Shang-Chi, Uncharted, and the Avatar sequels. They have been outsourced to other countries in Europe and the Pacific.

Hollywood is hesitant about opening up their studios again due to rising infection rates in California.

Jurassic World: Dominion is scheduled for a June 11, 2021, release.

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