Dead By Daylight Announces Cross-Play, Here’s What You Need To Know

Earlier this week, Behaviour announced that their popular asymmetric horror game, Dead By Daylight, will now feature cross-platform play.

They posted to Twitter, “We’re super excited to announce that Cross-Play & Cross-Friends are now available on PC and Consoles.”

They added,” Players will have to quite and restart the game for the change to take effect.”

For those who don’t know Dead by Daylight pits one killer against 4 survivors. The killer attempts to sacrifice the survivors to an entity while survivors work to get away from the killer before they kill them.

The game has a solid fanbase, and is still a popular title among content creators.

Cross-play was something that had been a hot topic in the DBD community for a while. For many players, the ability and opportunity to play with friends who owned the game, but had different hardware has been on many wishlists.

Now it has become a reality and players on PC, XboxOne, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch are all able to explore the mysteries of the entity together. Though keep in mind that in-game text chat is only available on the PC versions.

There is a full FAQ on how cross-play in Dead By Daylight works on the game’s website.

We won’t rehash the whole FAQ, but here are some of the most important details:

Q: Which platforms are included in cross-play?

A: You will be able to play between Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Dead by Daylight Mobile game is not included in cross-play. Stadia will also join other platforms at launch.

Q: If other platforms have content I cannot access on my platform, what will happen when I play with these players?

A: You will play against these players as you would any other, you will see the content as they play it. The only restriction is that you will not be able to access the content if it isn’t available on your platform.

Q: What happens if one platform gets an update late?

A: To be able to cross-play together, platforms needs to be on the same version of the game. If one platform gets the update late, they will match together (not cross-play) until they are on the same version as the others.

Q: How to deactivate cross-play?

A: Go in Settings / Disable Cross-Platform play

Q: How do I know the other players platforms?

A: Players that play on a different platform will have a logo identifying they are connecting from the cross-play feature but it will not specify which platform they are from.

Q: How can I add friends from other platforms?

A: To add cross-friends

– Go to Dead by Daylight

– Go to your Friends list

– Click on the friend icon+

– Search for your friend’s DBD ID

Though crossplay is currently live, cross-progression across multiple platforms is still slated for a future release. That means your progress on your characters still won’t follow you to other platforms yet.

When it does, players will be able to go between all of their platforms and maintain their progress on their account.

Now, how will you communicate with your friends who are playing on PlayStation while you’re on your PC? Well a program called Discord, which we have our own channel, is recommended for communication with players teaming together on different platforms.

What do you think about this new feature? How will this new feature be received by the DbD community?

Share your opinion below.

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