Director Zack Snyder just dropped a new teaser trailer for his upcoming Justice League panel at DC FanDome on both Twitter and Vero.

Justice League

The teaser begins by giving us a new look at Superman after his apparent resurrection where he examines the destroyed Superman statue and appears to be wearing half of his iconic black suit that was popularized in the comics following his death.

The short clip then gives us new looks at Victor Stone before he becomes Cyborg celebrating either a touchdown or a victory on the football field. Snyder previously released a still from this footage earlier this month.

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It then transitions to a flaming police car flying through the air towards an officer.

Finally, the teasers concludes showing us members of the Justice league lining up. Although the camera only shows their feet we see Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Cyborg.

Take a look.

In the comments on his Vero page, Snyder began answering a number of fan questions and revealed that his cut of Justice League will not include a couple of lines that appeared in the original, theatrical version of Justice League.

Snyder first confirmed that Superman will not ask Batman if he bleeds. When asked if the line would be included, Snyder responded, “uh no that literally makes no sense.”

He would also indicate that the Flash making a Pet Pet Sematary reference would also be removed.

When asked if the Flash makes a joke about the film, Snyder simply responded, “no.”

Snyder’s Justice League panel will take place on August 22nd at 5:30 PM. It is scheduled to last 25 minutes.

Here’s the official description of the panel, “Zack Snyder fields questions from fans and a few surprise guests as he discusses his eagerly awaited upcoming cut of the 2017 feature film and the movement that made it happen.”

In a previous update to Vero, Snyder noted that a teaser trailer for his Justice League cut will premiere at 2:45 PM PT that’s 5:45 PM ET, about 15 minutes from the start of the panel.

What do you make of this new look at Superman? What do you make of Snyder confirming that some of the dialogue from the theatrical cut has been nixed?