Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, originally had a larger arc with more backstory in Justice League. Much of it was left out but we’ve got glimpses here and there of what is being restored in the Snyder Cut.

Zack Snyder shared a new peek, a photo on Vero of Fisher as Victor Stone before he’s enhanced by a Mother Box. In it, Victor is on a snowy football field and looks to be celebrating, soaking in the glory of winning a game.

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Screenshot_Stone in the Dome_Vero_Snyder Cut

Snyder captions the post with “Stone in the Dome.” This has to be some kind of reference (and tease) to DC FanDome, besides the obvious (the trailer); maybe a reveal involving more Cyborg.

It could be a sly football reference but it’s a poor one, if so; Vic is standing in an open-air arena feeling the elements of winter.

The director previously confirmed Darkseid, a new design for Steppenwolf, and Superman’s black suit are in his Cut. Conversely, his confirmation of Cyborg’s extended arc goes back a couple of years – before the Snyder Cut’s existence was proven.

He posted several images on Vero from deleted scenes showing Vic and exploring his family dynamic. In one glimpse from last year, Vic is at his mom’s grave.

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The scene portended Vic’s own death. Following that, he had a vision of himself and his parents during a cybernetic spirit walk in a Mother Box.

Mind melding with the Mother Box also gives Vic a history lesson, revealing Nazis found it during World War II.

The Mother Box also showed him what Darkseid was going to do to the Earth and the League – decimate them all. But first, Steppenwolf came for the Box – and Vic’s dad. Silas Stone (Joe Morton) is set to die in the Snyder Cut.

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Ray Fisher wasn’t happy with the direction Cyborg took in the theatrical release; nor was he happy with the environment on set under Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns.

Fisher is vocal about what he calls abusive and unprofessional conduct on Whedon’s part and Johns threatening his career during a meeting. The full force of Fisher’s allegations hasn’t been unleashed and could lead to legal action.

That hasn’t hurt his standing at Warner Bros., though. Cyborg’s solo movie may be canceled, but Fisher is rumored for a comeback, following the release of the Snyder Cut, in The Flash.

Vic – and Silas – Stone’s part in The Flash remains to be determined, but Zack Snyder’s Justice League will land on HBO Max next year. A trailer is slated to hit at DC FanDome.