Another new Snyder Cut scene has been revealed, featuring Wonder Woman crossing paths with Lois Lane on a personal level.

The scene, explained by Zack Snyder’s wife Deborah at a Justice Con panel, involves Wonder Woman coming to offer comfort and counsel to Lois in her deepest time of need, after Superman’s death. It’s women supporting women.

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Deborah Snyder described the scene as follows:

“It’s a scene where Diana visits Lois after Clark’s death and she’s been, you know, not going out and it’s just very supportive scene because even though she’s lost her house, she’s coming there not to ask for help, but to help Lois. I can’t wait and you’ll get to see that scene.”

Amy Adams as Lois Lane

The scene was filmed (Zack Snyder shoots what he draws, remember) but not released. It will make the cut – Snyder’s definitive one being assembled for HBO Max – this time around.

In the pages of DC, Diana and Lois have affection for Superman in common but don’t expect them to compete for his attention here.

In fact, while it sounds like Snyder said Diana, it’s entirely possibly she actually meant Diane as in Diane Lane, the actress who played Martha Kent. Given the context of the rest of the sentence that would make more sense as it was Martha Kent who lost her home.

In the theatrical version there is a scene that depicts Martha Kent and Lois Lane discussing Martha losing her home.

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We know more was originally planned for Amy Adams as Lois in the Snyder Cut. Scenes of her walking to and attending Superman’s funeral were storyboarded and her function as “the key” entailed her meeting a grim fate at the hands of Darkseid and his Omega Beams.

More was planned for Wonder Woman too. Diana’s research into Hellenistic murals unlocked the mystery of Darkseid and she laid the killing blow on Steppenwolf.

Speaking of those two, Darkseid’s battle for Earth and Steppenwolf’s much darker, Giger-inspired hellscape of a base are also sure to be seen.

Zack Snyder already showed us unseen footage recently of Henry Cavill in the black suit visiting Alfred, also set to be in his cut. Supe’s resurrection will play out differently but might go down worse for the team than in Joss Whedon’s version, depending on when Anti-Life gets ahold of his mind.

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Zack's JL

We have double the Wonder Woman from Gal Gadot to look forward to in the coming months between WW84 and the Snyder Cut. Amy Adams, however, is probably done as Lois Lane after Zack Snyder’s Justice League hits HBO Max.

Got anything to say about that or the scenes being restored to Snyder’s Cut? Let us know.

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