The Snyder Cut of Justice League isn’t out until next year but we can spoil the big scene where Darkseid debuts and makes his first advance on Earth. While it took a little translating, we got the spoilers.

Twitter user Unity_514 sent out a post translating Greek in a cave from the Snyder Cut teaser to English.

The cave – the Shrine of the Amazons – was explored by Wonder Woman and its where she found the slab telling the story of Darkseid’s attack on the planet.


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Screaming “EXCLUSIVE!!” Unity hopes to break the Internet with a translation of the “2nd wall in the shrine/temple.” Take a look below.

As Unity points out, the circle in the top painting shows a Parademon in flight coming “through the Ether.” The middle strip continues the description of Parademons and adds “the roaring clash of iron and blood” with the pushing back of invaders. In short, it illustrates war.

Ether may be another word for Boom Tube as one reply theorizes.

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The bottom part between the Apokolips druids (the DeSaads) has “the juice,” Unity says. It reads that Zeus commanded Ares to fight – or “terribly punish and slay/kill” – Darkseid who survives. “Burned/roasted but defeated,” he flees “to the stars in a hurry.”

Afterward, the Mother Boxes are left with the tribes of Earth that include the Amazons and hidden for protection, as well as because Darkseid will return one day.

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Darkseid’s battle with Ares and expulsion from Earth was filmed and likely makes the Cut.

Ares was played by actor and stuntman Nick McKinless who trained for four months to get into godly shape. McKinless wasn’t credited and David Thewlis was billed as Ares again in Justice League despite not being in it.

JL: Ares actor Nick Mckinless says they shot "A whole fight sequence with Darkseid". He trained 4 months for it but it was cut and he was not credited. from DC_Cinematic

There’s one, very brief, sequence of Ares clashing with Steppenwolf during the “History Lesson” flashback. Blink and you’ll miss it.

See what I’m talking about at about the 1:14 mark in the following video. A Greek god leaps down and strikes Steppenwolf with an ax. You’d never guess it was Ares.

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Here’s hoping the fight between Ares and Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is better, longer, and easier to spot.

The Snyder Cut hits HBO Max in early 2021. An exact date could get announced at DC FanDome which begins August 22nd, alongside a full trailer.

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