New Alleged Snyder Cut Details Emerge – Detail Justice League’s Original Plot

Following the biggest bombshell relating to the Snyder Cut, Zack Snyder’s photographic evidence proving he possesses hours of footage, the alleged initial plot and pre-reshoots leaked.

The truth about the Snyder Cut has been seeping out in drips and drabs. A mighty river of revelations and teases showed just how different it is. And Geeks WorldWide writer Vullein breaks down via Twitter the loads of stuff we didn’t see in the theatrical version.

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In a massive thread, Vullein begins by begging the question: “Supposedly Snyder Cut details?” But he continues it’s all “likely to be true” based on new info.

Final Battle and Expanded Arcs

First major reveals: Darkseid revives Superman (unclear if it’s with The Anti-Life Equation) and not the combined efforts of the League using the Mother Boxes.

Later, in the epic battle Steppenwolf manages to kill everyone except Flash who time-travels to change the outcome (hinting what he’d do in sequels to stop Darkseid).

Each character’s expanded arc had a dramatic force or catalyst adding weight to their stories and abilities. Aquaman wanted to retrieve the Mother Box Atlantis lost, Cyborg explored his connection to his Mother Box, Flash similarly learns about the Speed Force, Batman struggled to form the League, Superman returns to the mystery of his genetic codex from Man of Steel, and Wonder Woman goes back to Themyscira to preserve her immortality.

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Steppenwolf was in line for bigger plans. He tries to get into Superman’s head to extract the Kryptonian codex with a ruse of Lois’s death. This compels Superman to fight Batman and further develops Lois as “the key.” Flash brings her to the scene rather than a cop.

“When Steppenwolf goes rogue,” (betraying Darkseid or whatever that means) he thinks he can convince Superman to join his side. A “scout ship” serves as another mode of transport for Steppenwolf besides Boom Tubes.

The final fight leaves Superman “happier” and “more hopeful” but before they battle Steppenwolf they hold a war room session in the scout ship. Cyborg hacks its computer and discovers it was harboring Jor-El’s AI.

Jor-El reveals why Darkseid desires the Mother Boxes and Superman’s codex. The latter would help him create a “powerful army.” At war with Krypton for millennia, Darkseid’s existence was withheld in Man of Steel to prevent Kal from pursuing him and delivering the codex right to his doorstep.

Vullein clears up what he meant by Steppenwolf going rogue. He felt underappreciated and sought to conquer Earth and gain possession of the codex without his lord and master Darkseid.

This doesn’t work out; he returns to Apokolips where he’s promptly obliterated by Darkseid’s Omega beams. Steppenwolf’s death in this leak contradicts Snyder’s admission Aquaman and Wonder Woman deliver the killing blows. Gods killing gods, in this case, occurs in Fourth World.

Although its possible Aquaman and Wonder Woman didn’t actually kill Steppenwolf, but only beat him to a bloody pulp before he returned to Apokolips.

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Added in a sidenote, Parademons impregnate hosts like something out of Alien. That’s extraneous when you think about it; freshly dead bodies become Parademons anyway. Of course, that was in Warner Bros’ cut.

A Stay in Arkham

In an unexpected twist, Zack Snyder was going to explore Arkham Asylum. Commissioner Gordon personally escorts Jared Leto’s Joker and Harley Quinn – “The clown and his bitch” – to their cells.

The guard in the control room is listening to “Hound Dog” by Elvis which incites Joker. Mr. J likes the song and says he’s “a king too ya know.” He then breaks out a ”Thank you, thank you very much” at the guard insulting him.

Arkham was something Ben Affleck intended to go deeper into in The Batman when he was writing and directing.

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The next shot shows shorthaired Lex Luthor serving out his sentence in Arkham. In the cells next to him are Slade Wilson and someone with question mark tattoos. Vullein guesses it is Riddler.

Joker then unlocks all the cells, unleashing a riot. Slade storms through the inmates.

Luthor, unfortunate for him, remains locked up. He tries bribing Slade into setting him free, saying he will make him “a very rich man” people will fear. Slade bluntly retorts “People already fear” him and leaves Lex to rot.

Gordon is knocked unconscious and injured in the melee. He tries to defuse the situation when he wakes up. Prisoners tortured guards, call Gordon a pig, and continue their carnage.

Batman shows up out of the dark and everybody goes back to their cell. Joker and Slade – who found his Deathstroke gear – escape but leave Harley behind. She asks Batman if he missed her.

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Ultimately, The Dark Knight’s business was with Luthor and the “incoming threat” of Darkseid. Vullein’s thread ends there.

Some Twitterers reply to Vullein’s updates with excitement, others are skeptical, saying these spoilers were proven false awhile back. Again, there are consistency issues such as who actually killed Steppenwolf.

Vullein specified the leak was old but contends the details are authentic. He claims Snyder had about 10 different cuts.

Whether there are ten or not, Snyder conceded recently his cut of Justice League varied in length from the time it was put together. “The assembly cut was nearly 5 hours long,” he said in a tweet.

Doubts persist the Snyder Cut will ever be finished and see a release, but Justice League’s cast and crew, en masse with the exception of Henry Cavill, joined the calls to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. If Warner relents, it may wind up on HBO Max.

What do you think? Is the above the genuine plot of Justice League as Snyder envisioned? Opinions below.

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