Storyboards for Zack Snyder’s Justice League have been released and they show what the director had in mind originally for the team’s climactic confrontation with Steppenwolf.

Posted to Imgur, the art shows what Snyder wanted the terraformed powerplant the villainous New God used as a base.

It also displays initial designs for Parademons, Steppenwolf, and Batman operating a big laser gun.

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Take a look at these stunning images.

Parademons make their way through the various tunnels within the base.

You can see Steppenwolf descending from on high.

The next one shows Steppenwolf walking beside a Parademon.

A view from inside the tower looking out over the lands the Parademons had conquered.

The next couple of images appear to show the Justice League infiltrating the tower with the use of one of Batman’s vehicles.

The tower begins to crumble as the Justice League continue their assault.

Another shot of Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf and the Mother Boxes.

Batman appears to have co-opted Steppenwolf’s Apokoliptian technology and using one of the big guns against attacking Parademons.

A close-up of a Parademon.

Parademon character designs.

Steppenwolf’s character design.

Another shot of the tower from the outside. It appears as if Batman is approaching the tower.

Another shot of Batman on the big gun.

And from another angle.

The imagery is of Steppenwolf’s original invasion of Earth, not to be confused with his invasion during ancient times tacked on by Joss Whedon in the theatrical release.

In the Snyder Cut, it is Darkseid/Uxas who makes an attempt on the planet back when the Greek pantheon ruled. He was beaten back by Zeus and Ares who left him for dead.

Snyder revealed this in some concept art last year.

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Steppenwolf’s design reverts to the decidedly more nightmarish alien one Snyder intended. His cut’s longer running time should expound more on Steppenwolf’s story as well.

Leaked plot details from almost a year ago suggest Steppenwolf was first sent by Darkseid, but Steppenwolf wound up betraying him and sought to take Earth for himself. In an attempt  to raise an army, he wanted forces large enough to challenge Darkseid, but Wonder Woman and Aquaman made sure Steppenwolf met his end.


As the storyboards suggest, everything in Snyder’s Justice League is more HR Giger-inspired and hellish. The central spire of Steppenwolf’s base that houses the Mother Boxes resembles something out of Alien or Prometheus.

Reports indicate Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix) will join the fight. Snyder has said J’onn J’onnz will figure in and that he was disguised as General Swanwick the whole time. He just has to finish shooting a few things in Los Angeles.

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Hopefully, the darker, more morbid tone and the landscape is what we’re in for when the Snyder Cut hits HBO Max in 2021.

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