A new rumor claims to have details including the release date for the first trailer for Denis Veilleneuve’s upcoming Dune movie as new images from the film surface on social media.

The rumor comes from Inside The Film Room and writer Johnny Sobczak.

Sobczak claims the first trailer will be released on Wednesday, September 9th following the release of a “theater-exclusive that is attached to screenings of Tenet.”

In fact, images from this theater-exclusive are already making the rounds on social media, which you can see below.

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Not only did Inside The Film Room claim to know when the trailer will be released, but they also detailed that a Canadian cinema employee told them that the trailer will be one minute and 37 seconds long.

He would also provide evidence showing a screenshot.

Sobczak also claims to have seen the trailer and provides specific details on what to expect.

He writes that following the WB and Legendary logos, viewers will witness the famous Gom Jabbar test that Paul Atreides is put through by Reverend Mother Gaius Mohiam. The test requires Paul Atreides to exert discipline over himself to prove his awareness is stronger than his natural instincts.

In order to do so Mohiam placed Paul’s hand in a box that exerted an intense amount of pain. Paul had to keep his hand in the box, otherwise Mohiam threatened to kill him with a Gom Jabbar or a poisoned needle attached to her fingertip.

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Sobczak details that this scene is the focal point of the trailer, although it does cut to Arrakis’ desert and sweeping sand dunes. He also claims the trailer features “big shots of almost every cast member, making their faces obvious to viewers.”

He goes on to detail that there are also shots of an ornithopter touching down with Paul stepping out of it. Other shots include a first look at Dave Bautista’s Beast Rabban, shots of Dr. Wellington Yueh played by Chang Chen, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster’s race and gender swapped Liet Kynes.

Sobczak describes Bautista’s Beast Rabban as “almost painted white or covered in dust.”

As these characters are shown in the trailer, Paul experiences more and more pain from the Mohiam’s box. Finally, the trailer climaxes with a shot of Paul on Arrakis in his stillsuit alongside a number of Fremen.

Sobczak isn’t the only one providing details on the trailer. Twitter user Pachimari8 also provided details on the trailer in a lengthy Twitter thread and they largely echoed what Sobczak detailed.

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Pachimari claims the trailer opens with Paul having a knife put to his throat by Mohiam before it cuts to Arrakis and then back to a close-up of Mohiam.

Twitter user Tchalametupdate confirmed the image of Mohiam putting the knife to Paul’s throat.

Pachimari8 continues that the trailer then shows Paul stepping out of the Ornithopter with a close-up of his boots. He then claims it shows Paul’s face looking into the desert before it transitions to an ornithopter landing.

It then cuts back to Paul with his hand in the box before showing a number of House Atreides members.

Pachimani8 would also reveal a shot of the Ornithopter.

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He then claims it shows Duke Leto, Lady Jessica, Stilgar, Chani, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Gurney Hallack, and Dr. Yueh.

Here’s a still of Lady Jessica that leaked to social media from Twitter user Atrqides.

Finally, he concludes that the trailer shows images of Liet Kynes, Beast Rabba, and Duncan Idaho before returning to Paul screaming in anguish. He does eventually relax and then asks Mohiam, “What would you do?”

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Pachimari8 then claims the trailer ends with Paul walking through a number of Fremen soldiers patting him on the shoulder.

What do you make of these leaked images and the details that we can expect from this first Dune trailer?