Ray Fisher’s recent crusade against Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg, and Walter Hamada that’s played out on Twitter might be due to his unhappiness with the size of Cyborg’s role in The Flash.

A new report by TheWrap citing “two insiders with knowledge of the situation” says the actor “was offered a small cameo role in the upcoming DC Comics movie” in June.

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Ray Fisher Responds to Warner Bros.'s Statement on Justice League Misconduct Accusations

According to their insiders, “Warner Bros. has not heard back from Fisher’s team since” that time. WB didn’t comment but Fisher’s team issued a statement.

“Mr. Fisher is, and has been, under contract with WB Pictures since 2014,” said his people at Paradigm Agency and Management 360.

They continued, “Per the terms of that pre-negotiated contract, the option to include Mr. Fisher as the character of Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) has always rested in the hands in WB Pictures.”

The statement by Fisher’s team didn’t touch on The Flash, the size of Cyborg’s role, or the state of negotiations.

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Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Responds to Warner Bros.'s Statement on Justice League Misconduct Accusations

TheWrap notes actors who sign on for superhero movies nowadays usually have multi-picture deals with an option for cameos in related films.

Fisher met with DC Films President Hamada about The Flash and his creative objections to the script. Hamada, as elucidated in WB’s statement on Fisher, his claims, and the ongoing investigation, had to explain creative differences are part of the process.

Fisher’s social media maelstrom and onslaught of allegations began right after that meeting, on June 29th. The first shot was a retraction of words he made at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017, calling Joss Whedon a good guy.

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Then came the accusations against Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional” conduct and those of enabling against former execs Johns and Berg.

Ray Fisher 1

Fisher implicated Johns further with the charge he threatened the Cyborg actor’s career during an office visit.

Ray Fisher

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A third-party investigation was launched which Fisher was initially happy about. His tune changed and he lodged the independent investigator was hired by WB studios and not the parent company, WarnerMedia.

Screenshot-Ray Fisher 9-14 Tweet

He soon turned his fire on Hamada whom Fisher claimed was sacrificing Whedon to protect Johns.

Warner Bros. Issues Statement on Ray Fisher's Accusations Against Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns as Actor Comes Forward with More Claims

Related: Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Responds to Warner Bros.’s Statement on Justice League Misconduct Accusations

Warner issued a statement called “desperate and scattershot” by Fisher, but in it, they fire back and say he hasn’t presented evidence to back up his claims that don’t accuse anyone of anything “actionable.”

The statement adds he isn’t cooperating with investigators to which Fisher countered his reps needed to be present on a Zoom call and the investigator brought someone who wasn’t vetted the last time he and Fisher met.

Warner Bros. Issues Statement on Ray Fisher's Accusations Against Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns as Actor Comes Forward with More Claims

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Following that, he charged investigators with cherry-picking and ghosting witnesses and further claimed WB was pushing a “false narrative.”

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Warner, Whedon, Johns, and Berg deny all according to TheWrap but Fisher has a vocal supporter in costar Jason Momoa. The Aquaman star shared on Instagram “Serious stuff went down” that should be investigated.

Interestingly, TheWrap revealed a restart on the Cyborg solo film might have been part of the deal for a cameo in The Flash. Paused around 2016 and taken off the schedule after 2017, Fisher’s war with the studio could very well put it on hold for good.

Fisher responded to TheWrap’s report on Twitter writing, “Getting tagged in a trash article: $0. Being able to watch that article get universally flamed more easily BECAUSE you were tagged: PRICELESS!!!!!”

Production on Flash reportedly starts in March under COVID filming protocols.