A new report claims Godzilla vs. Kong has completed its visual effects work.

Warstu says in his latest update visual effects work on Legendary Pictures’ fourth MonsterVerse installment was completed back in August.

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The VFX team took advantage of the extra time given to them by the constant delays and now all that remains is some tweaking to get things just right.

When you consider GVK was supposed to come out in November not too long ago – at a point when everybody thought the pandemic would be under control and it’d be safe to go outside again – the VFX were, in all probability, meant to be finished by late summer.

Now they have almost a year to relax and perfect the finer details in a propitious twist in the COVID saga.

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Godzilla vs Kong

GVK comes out in May and in the meantime, we should finally get a trailer. Warstu expects it in front of Wonder Woman 1984 this Christmas, which makes a great gift, or in front of Dune a week earlier.

Regardless of whenever we see the trailer, Warner Bros. may want to rethink their release strategy – putting Godzilla vs. Kong out two weeks after Black Widow.

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Kong vs Godzilla

The delayed Marvel movie hits theaters a full year after it was first planned to. And due to that, a real risk is present for the Widow to steal Godzilla and Kong’s thunder.

GVK is coming off the perceived disappointment of Godzilla: King of the Monsters so it has to impress or else there might not be anymore MonsterVerse.

Its November release was also lined up to compete with Black Widow, in addition to the next James Bond: No Time to Die.

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Kong New Weapon Godzilla vs Kong-2021

Warstu says he will take a break from Godzilla updates since they are becoming fewer and harder to come by.

Other details we learned in the last several weeks are the film has a new logo and Zack Snyder collaborator Junkie XL composed the score.


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Junkie revealed to Forbes recently, being a “Godzilla freak,” he “wrote something for Godzilla” in his spare time.

Then he met Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard and admitted his love of Godzilla and “wrote some stuff” years ago. That’s how he got the job.

XL also talked about the big bass drum he wanted to be made for percussion to reflect Godzilla’s steps. He was told there was no cow big enough to meet his parameters.

Godzilla vs. Kong, with music by Junkie XL and direction by Adam Wingard, is planned to reach theaters May 21, 2021.