Bandai Namco would be willing to make a follow-up to their 2014 PS4 game Godzilla Vs. if the demand is there.

Kaiju and Tokusatsu fan site Gormaru Island “caught up with” Godzilla game producer Shunsuke Fujita for a short chat about the King of the Monsters and Bandai’s game.

Godzilla Vs - Bandai

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Gormaru asked Fujita what the chances are they would make another one and he had an answer.

Very simply, as Gormaru shared in a tweet, Fujita answered: “If there’s a lot of fan feedback, it’s possible.” Not much confirmation there, but it’s something.

So, wrote Gormaru, “Godzilla fans if you’re craving for another console GODZILLA videogame, send your passionate demand and feedback to @TOHO_GODZILLA @BandaiNamco” [Toho and Bandai].

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Screenshot - Godzilla vs. Bandai

Gormaru later explained more of their sitdown with Fujita in a response tweet. They secured a contact and then had the brief talk with him. And also, they added he couldn’t say much.

“We managed to secure a contact and had a brief nice talks with Mr. Fujita,” Gormaru posted. “He couldn’t talk about much, so many burning questions and yet so much red tape everywhere.”

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That Fujita can’t discuss or reveal much could be good news; he might be in the middle of something concerning Godzilla and under a legal obligation to hold his tongue.

But, if not, a fan petition was started on by Kyle Weller of YouTube channel High Flyers Tag Team, just in case, “to help show your support!”

Shunsuke Fujita

Shunsuke Fujita

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“Show your support! Tell Bandai Namco and Toho that you want it! Use Instagram and Twitter!” Weller wrote in a YouTube community update.

Over on, he notes Godzilla Vs. was the most recent console game. That was five years ago. Reviews were mixed but it “built a huge cult following” of players that still play to this very day despite a lack of updates.


No word on a new game this far into 2020, Wheeler observes now is the time for a sequel on one of the new next-gen consoles.

“Well aware of the criticism,” he contends, they “would know what to fix now.” A fix Wheeler wants to see is a larger roster including Shin Godzilla, Godzilla Filius, King Ghidorah, and 2019 Burning Godzilla.

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Godzilla vs Ghidorah

Wheeler concluded in his petition explanation, “With the recent interview with Shunsuke Fujita saying it is possible with enough fan feedback, let’s show them the fan base wants this, and let’s make it happen!”

The petition has currently been signed by 431 people.

Does a new next-gen Godzilla from game Bandai Namco sound like something you’re hoping for? Leave a comment and give some thought to signing that petition.