With the entire Godzilla vs. Kong line of toys from Playmates slowly being rolled out, we were able to tell you earlier a little about the HEAV, or “Hollow Earth Anti-Gravity Vehicle.”

Its exact purpose, aside from exploring the Hollow Earth, is a mystery and we could only guess, but there now may be an answer to how it figures into the film.

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A recent upload by YouTube channel High Flyers Tag Team, that posts regularly about Godzilla and the MonsterVerse, reveals something the cropped image of the HEAV on the box doesn’t.

Citing the Instagram posts of sb___toyz – who’s been the primary source for a great deal of the recent leaks – High Flyers proves the HEAV is a small piece of a larger set belonging to a Skullcrawler (see below).

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The video shows a picture taken by sb__toys of the red and gray Skullcrawler figure (right below). Included in the packaging is a shuttlecraft High Flyers identifies as the HEAV – and as “some futuristic jet.”

The vehicle is a newer revelation but the Skullcrawlers appeared among the figures in the first unsolicited leak earlier this year.


It could be the HEAV is invented to explore and also study the Skullcrawlers in their natural habitat, maybe even capture or kill one. That endeavor may go south fast and result in the crew fighting their way out.

The Skullcrawler figure comes with a battle damage feature and it could be inflicted by the ship’s weapons, if any, or Kong with an assist from his ax. Or Godzilla might be the one to unleash his wrath.

Godzilla might also unleash his fury on a radio tower which is an accessory of one of his figures (view that below).

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He destroyed a radio tower in the original 1954 Gojira so it could just be a subtle tribute. However, HFTT and DangerVille theorize the kaiju King attacks a Monarch or military facility and uproots a tower to use as a weapon against Kong.

DangerVille also commented on the HEAV and makes it sound like there won’t be offensive properties.

The YouTube channel’s sources tell them the vessel is merely an expedition vehicle that will examine the Hollow Earth, “uncover the history of the Titans,” and learn more about the planet.

This first wave of figures, some of which are available now, might be the last spoilers we get from the toys for a while.

High Flyers Tag Team added Playmates is likely to save the release of any figures with heavy spoiler material for 2021, as the calendar moves closer to the May theatrical premiere. That probably includes the Warbat.


Do you hope the HEAV is weaponized and battles a Skullcrawler? Any thoughts on the other spoilers and toy features? Leave a comment.