We finally have an official reveal of the new snake-like Titan being introduced in Godzilla vs. Kong when it hits theaters. And it has a new name (spoilers ahead).

The glimpse is an image that comes from Playmates box art for the GVK line. It was shared on Instagram by sb_toyz who posts regularly about action figures, from Godzilla to Marvel.

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Feast your eyes on the elusive bloodthirsty beast below.


Its name is now Warbat which is a lot more memorable and will probably sell more toys. The new nom de guerre is also further proof this thing can fly. Note the red finned wings and the curvature of its tail.

Godzilla-Movies.com believes Warbat is the new title for the Nozuki seen sparingly among the figures in the leaks from the Hong Kong expo earlier this year.

“That Titan was very similar in appearance,” says the site, except for “different paint apps, a different head sculpt, and of course” the different name.

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They also find it interesting that Legendary and Warner Bros. saw it fit to change the name “for whatever reason.” It may have sounded too much like the name of Godzilla’s unexplained nephew in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Godzuki, who also had fins for wings.


Godzuki was so silly they could’ve decided they didn’t want their new fearsome creature confused with him. It already draws comparisons to a monster from the Fox Kids Godzilla animated series based on the maligned 1998 film.

The Warbat, like Godzuki, hasn’t been explained as its origins are still a mystery. It could dwell within the Hollow Earth beneath Skull Island – plausible since speculation suggests it fights Kong.

It might also be the result of experiments to create a manmade Titan.

We don’t quite know what happens to Ghidorah’s severed head; the appendage may grow into the serpent monster. But a leak we reported claimed Ghidorah is chained up and guarded while he regenerates.

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Ghidorah’s power has a chance of being an influence over Kong or Mechagodzilla but a full-blown reconstituted Monster Zero probably won’t be ready for action, mechanized or not.

Warbat joins the Godzilla and Kong 11″ and 6″ toys revealed via Walmart listings. Godzilla vs. Kong will hopefully see its final destination in theaters in May 2021.