We have our first official look at the Godzilla vs. Kong-inspired toys from Playmates, the company known best for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line.

Passed along by Godzilla-Movies.com, these images originated from listings on Wal-Mart’s website for new 11″ Godzilla vs. Kong action figures which are now out of stock.

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The 11″ Giant Godzilla (XL) Figure below was priced at $19.99 before selling out.

Here it is measured exactly.

And here it is in packaging bearing the Monarch logo representing the larger MonsterVerse in this case.

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Below is the 11″ Giant Kong figure. Priced at $19.87 before also selling out, the listing refers to him as King Kong as opposed to just Kong. The figure also sports the beard we’ve heard so much about.

And here is his measurement.

And Kong in his packaging.

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But, wait, there’s more! A listing also gave away a better look at Kong’s new weapon, a battle-ax, and the damage he suffers against Godzilla, presumably.

The 6″ Kong figure’s ax bolsters a rumor gaining traction which posits the weapon is forged using the bone of a fallen Titan and a broken piece of a dorsal plate from Godzilla.

Here’s the battle damage reveal on the right arm – note that is the ax-wielding hand.

Below, finally, is the battle-damaged Kong packaged.

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It isn’t totally confirmed that the figures were meant to be revealed yet, even now with the initial leaks behind us. There is no sign of the Nozuki or Mechagodzilla.

As cool and must-have for collectors as these toys are, they are a far cry from the beautiful and intricate sculpts made by NECA Toys. New Jersey-based NECA’s line of Godzilla figures is going away and Playmates’ license may be the cause.

The legendary manufacturer appears set on dominating the Godzilla market leading up to the much-delayed release of Legendary Pictures grudge match for the ages.

There are some NECA figures left in stock but once they are gone, they’re gone for good. They have a King Kong figure coming out later this year (based on the 1931 film) that should make up for the company’s dearth of kaiju stuff to be made official as of August.