Godzilla vs. Kong is a clash of legends, a showdown of Titans, everything Legendary’s MonsterVerse has been building toward. And we know who the diehards want to win. Godzilla is King in their minds and they want him to come out on top.

But Kong’s been christened a King for decades until Skull Island. As such, while anything can happen and we don’t know full details (and haven’t been given a trailer) yet, just speculation, there is a growing fear we will see a passing of the torch to Kong.

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A post in the Godzilla-Movies.com forum addressed that concern. User hawk4117 wrote late in May “possible spoilers” he heard that Kong will claim victory.

“There [seem] to be substantial rumors that Kong will indeed win ‘the battle’ against the mighty Godzilla,” he wrote.

He went on to add, “Although I don’t fully believe in all of the latest plot /spoiler leaks and rumors, I do find a couple of them with some merit.”

He didn’t specify which ones have merit or where to find them but he did profess his G-Fandom:

“I’m a big Godzilla fan, and believe me I hate the thought of Kong winning.  If this storyline is crowning Kong as the new King of the Monsters, then I will be pissed!  I may never watch MonsterVerse again!”

Hawk4117 commented again later if Kong wins he is done with the MonsterVerse:

“The definitive winner thing is driving me crazy too! Again, if Kong is too win, then the writers better get it right, cause if not, I will totally divorce MonsterVerse!”

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King Kong

He hopes the writers get it right and neither contender dies nor walks away without respect for the other:

“If Kong is too win though, I just hope that the writers have it as a good clean tough battle, where no one is killed or lamed, and where there will be some kind of sign or gesture of respect from both of them towards one another after their battle.”

Hawk4117 must not know about the tie-in children’s book – Sometimes Friends Fight (But They Always Make up After) – that says Godzilla and Kong fight but patch things up.

We’ve reported a lot of rumors, some indicating Kong has a weapon and Godzilla gets new powers. None say who wins or if the other dies, although we can guess with a fair amount of certainty they will maim each other.

That they team up to face a bigger threat in Mechagodzilla is also a sound suspicion – another we reported on before. Hawk4117 turned his attention to this too.

“It also appears due to some key sources that they will both team up to face a couple of [so-called] ‘villain adversaries’ such as Mecha-Godzilla and or Mecha-Ghidorah,” he wrote.

Mecha-King Ghidorah was a one-off upgrade that fought Godzilla in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991), a film that greatly altered both Titans’ origins.

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There’s no hint Mecha-King Ghidorah will be in GVK, despite that post-credit tease in the last installment. We saw no Playmates action figures of him among the leaks and Legendary couldn’t keep something that big a secret.

Mechagodzilla’s presence, on the other hand, is confirmed and has a figure. He may even be the reason Kong sets his sights on Godzilla and why Monarch operates on Skull Island.

I fully expect a team-up to fight Mechagodzilla to occur, as often happens when the robot monster is unleashed. See the Showa-period Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974), Heisei’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993), and the Millennium series entry Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002) for reference.

But will Kong defeat the undisputed King of the Monsters and win his crown? Well, there is one theory involving Kong’s ax and Skull Island that may provide a clue.

Kong may have to fight Godzilla to earn the title and prove he reigns over Skull Island. He was young when we first came across him in the MonsterVerse and still growing, too young to be a king.

However, titles only pass with age to people, typically. As a creature, it’s not like he has royal blood or birthright to a throne so it has to be ordained by other means.

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Additionally, his weapon might serve as an Excalibur to his King Arthur and maybe forged for Kong by Island natives or his ancestors. It’s speculated the ax could lie in a cave, tomb, or temple in which Kong finds it, becoming “KING” or proving his worthiness.

Does Kong kill Godzilla? Doubtful, there’s too much money in keeping him alive. Hawk4117 puts it best:

“How could you have MonsterVerse in the first place without the mighty Lizard! Lol Let’s be practical.  There’s two big fan bases to both these Titans. That’s a good chunk of money the Movie producers, writers, directors, etc can make by keeping both of them alive and keep both fan bases interested enough to keep coming back to MonsterVerse, regardless of who’s the winner. (Just keep both of them alive!) I just pray they get it right!”