Kong’s new look and beard in Godzilla vs. Kong have been revealed officially and so has a full clear look at his new foe, Camazotz.

The images come courtesy of a tie-in MonsterVerse graphic novel that were unveiled at [email protected] 2020 by the publishing arm of Legendary Pictures, Legendary Comics.

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More prominent than before is Kong’s adult neckbeard showing his advanced age and, we assume, intellect. The beard was first pointed out by fans in the now ubiquitous banner for GVK.

King Kong

It could also be seen prominently in promo images from a Hong Kong toy fair that spoiled the existence of Mechagodzilla and the new Titan, the Nozuki. Images from the fair leaked online but were later struck with copyright claims.


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Making its debut in the graphic novel is the Skull Island Tiger which was either “slain by Kong,” as Godzilla-Movies thinks, or some other monster Kong has to fight – probably Camazotz – leaving him to survey the destruction.

Kong & Skull Tiger

Returning to Skull Island is Dr. Houston Brooks a recurring character in the MonsterVerse since Kong: Skull Island. He was played by Corey Hawkins (6 Underground, Straight Outta Compton, BlacKkKlansman) in that film.

Joe Morton (Silas Stone in Justice League and, more famously, Miles Bennett Dyson in Terminator 2) played Brooks in a cameo in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Kong and Brooks

Brooks emerges from a helicopter with two companions who look a lot like the Monarch agents played by Eiza Gonzalez and Alexander Skarsgard. We don’t know what role any of them play in the prequel comic or when exactly in the timeline any of this takes place.

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Next, we have a fresh look at Titanus Camazotz, teased as the enemy in the graphic novel months ago with some concept art.

Camazotz was described during Legendary’s WonderCon panel as male and “like ‘darkness’ and the ’embodiment of nightmares,'” notes Godzilla-Movies. What else would you expect from a giant bat, right?

Now check out the panel image of Camazotz. Notice he and a flock of smaller winged creatures have dogfights with jet fighters much like Rodan did in King of the Monsters.


The jets could be US Air Force or Monarch – maybe both – and the smaller creatures are thought to be diminutive, subordinate species of Camazotz or juveniles, similar to the size differential of the Skullcrawlers.

Camazotz isn’t being teased for Godzilla vs. Kong so he might not survive the graphic novel although there is always room for new Titans in the MonsterVerse, especially ones created specifically for this universe.

Godzilla vs. Kong could face another delay but is currently on track for its November 20 release date.