Previously unseen footage, an image of Alexander Skarsgard, and location details from Godzilla vs. Kong came to our attention. They don’t tell us much about the plot – which is a good thing to most – but hint at some things we can expect.

The set footage and images were shared by DangerVille, a premier place for all the latest Godzilla news and rumors, in a YouTube video.

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They begin with an Australian news broadcast breaking a story that a local high school was repurposed for filming. DangerVille believes the scenes are taking place Down Under but it seems more like the location shoot is for scenes taking place in Florida, judging by the references to Miami and Tallahassee.

There is a Miami and a Miami State High School in Queensland, Australia, so either one is possible. Irrespective, it can be concluded Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Madison Russell, returns to public school to regain some normalcy in life and that’s where she meets Julian Dennison (Deadpool 2).

His character’s name still has not been revealed. DangerVille theorizes Dennison plays a nerdy kid obsessed with monsters and that may be why he is friends with Madison. Odds are that’s an accurate prediction.

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Next, you can see in the set footage provided by DangerVille mercenaries, military, or possibly soldiers of Monarch in black vehicles are firing upward at something. It could be Godzilla or Kong or Mechagodzilla, the Nozuki, or something else. Even a Skullcrawler might be their target.

The footage is from a scene shot in Brisbane and may take place there. It leaked a while ago but went unnoticed until now.

Something else DangerVille points out popped up sometime back then too. A quick shot of Alexander Skarsgard, originally in Warner Bros.’s sizzle reel at Comic-Con Experience in Brazil, made it online.

Skarsgard CCXP

Skarsgard is seen in some type of room with red neon lights behind him. This may be in Hong Kong where the climax and ultimate battle reportedly take place but the shot composition has Power Rangers and Pacific Rim vibes, not to mention Star Wars.

It leads some to believe he is in the cockpit of Mechagodzilla, confirmed for the film, and rumored to be a threat. He may pilot it like a Zord.

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According to DangerVille, leaks indicate Skarsgard is in a “weaponized machine,” a fitting description for Mechagodzilla. And the clippings from King of the Monsters’ credits tease Monarch is building some kind of machine and creating their own Titan, which might be Nozuki.

Skarsgard wears a suit on the set reminiscent of fighter-pilot gear that has Monarch’s logo on the shoulder so his character clearly works for them.

Eiza Gonzalez wears the same thing and hangs around Skarsgard, an indication they will share scenes and a subplot. They might be co-pilots of Monarch’s “weaponized machine.”

Gonzalez stated in an interview the plot of Godzilla vs. Kong shall center on “two young girls.” She didn’t elaborate but her comments leave the impression the movie focuses on the stories of Madison and whoever Gonzalez plays with the two of them more than likely meeting and surviving the climax.

Godzilla vs. Kong, a battle of legends, is still due out in November.

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