Toho Kingdom Forum Bars User and Trusted Source Sayaka Over Godzilla vs. Kong Leaks

Rule number one: don’t ruin the movie. You can post theories and rumors but you better not spoil too much or Warner Bros. and Legendary might hear you.

That seemingly is what happened as the online forum the Toho Kingdom removed posts by Sayaka, the anonymous leaker who has been posting details of Godzilla vs. Kong for months.


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Toho Kingdom posted in the GVK thread on Wednesday the “topic has definitely gone from rumors to full on leaks.” Translation: there were grains of truth to the information Sayaka shared.

TK’s post continues:

“Debating if it should be closed and started again, although wanted to note that for the time being Sayaka’s posts have been removed while we are discussing next actions while he is barred from making further posts.”

View the site’s post below.


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One user in _JNavs_ wasn’t happy with Toho Kingdom’s actions and let them know throughout the day Wednesday how rash and unfair he thinks the whole thing is.

Here is what he posted that morning:

“Yeah lmao what? This is the spoiler┬áthread, unless WB got in contact with the Mods i see no reason why you guys would completely ban our one source of spoiler information. Especially since said information is 50/50 legit anyway.

Seems like a major paranoid play, might as well change this threads name to (RUMORS), but then if your rumor is proven correct, does that mean you get banned?”

Adding the thread isn’t for rumors, _JNavs_ wrote this around noon:

“Yeah might as well lock this thread up.

Anyone who predicts a rumor that is too close to home will get banned is what i’m getting here.”

king kong vs gojira

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“So who’s starting the Only Fake Spoilers thread,” he continued before placing blame on a single person for Sayaka’s ban:

“If a single child with a small following can get a dude banned from this site with some typical whining and a little elbow grease pointed at the owners… nah i’ll leave it at that lmao.

Not worth it.”

_JNavs_ singled out someone named Dman as the reason:

“I get preppy teacher’s-pet, school-boy vibes from Dman.

Like someone told him the answer to one of his test questions, and he got the kid trying to help him expelled.

But hey if you have connections and a pinkies worth of power, you can get anyone you want banned.”


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He doesn’t specify what Dman knew but leaves us with this:

“I think it’s interesting how he instantly knew what happened. Before most of us were aware of it.

But yeah for our sake, it’s not worth the Mass Warnings. This topic is done. Everyone just forget what you know and just use the speculative thread ig.”

_JNavs_ also rebutted a “hot take” on TK’s reputation being crap:

“Hotter take: We’re what happens when the fanbase looks in the mirror and they can’t bear to look at themselves. We’re a necessary evil.”

He makes some good points. One person can ruin it for all and if what a forum means by “spoilers” is rumors, say so and be clear.


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Sayaka (who they refer to as a “he”) was deemed a very reliable source for YouTubers and G-Fans digging for dope on Godzilla vs. Kong which doesn’t even have a trailer yet. It probably won’t for a little while thanks to the latest delay.

He leaked things about Mechagodzilla, the Nozuki, the varying heights of the main kaijus, what cities get attacked, what goads Kong and Godzilla into a fight, how long the fight lasts, the works.

And his reporting must’ve been fairly accurate if someone – possibly at Warner or Legendary – believed it was too loud of a bell to keep ringing. Sayaka might be an employee of WB or have a connection there so he could’ve gotten in trouble on that front.

Honestly, barring Sayaka is pointless as it solves nothing. If his posts presented a problem for the studios then all they did was put a band-aid on it. The hole isn’t plugged, leaks will still come out in drips and drabs.

All Toho Kingdom’s move here proves is the line between what you can and can’t share is thin as well as fluid. Like the proverbial goalpost, they move it at their convenience or when caving to the slightest pressure.

We here are different because we, on the other hand, will continue to deliver all the latest news, rumors, spoilers, and gossip related to Godzilla vs. Kong that comes our way leading up to what’s hopefully its firm and unchanging release date in 2021.

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