Godzilla vs. Kong: Forum Leaks Explain New Titan and Detail the Climactic Fight of Legends

Months-old Godzilla vs. Kong leaks, recently stumbled upon by various vloggers, confirm and expound on things we learned about the new Titan, the serpentine Nozuki. As well, they tell us more about what to expect and not to from the highly anticipated battle between the two stars.

YouTuber Warstu shared spoilers spread on the Toho Kingdom forums by user Sayaka, whom some fans consider a reliable source. Whoever Sayaka is, he or she appears to either work at Warner Bros. or have a connection there.

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Asked first if the Nozuki is related to Skullcrawlers, but frilled, Sayaka responds “I’m sure it’s a new creature, not any variant of skullcrawler.”

Sayaka then clarified he knows this based on “Conceptual art.”

“These creatures don’t have a skull face, but they are closer to ordinary snakes,” Sayaka said.

Sayaka further clarified Nozuki’s “frills” are wings – to someone who thinks it has forearms – and it can fly. “That’s its wings,” he said. “It’s for flying.” It’s added Nozuki fights Kong so he inflicts the battle damage to the snake monster seen on the toy.

Sayaka also said there will be some other new Titans that haven’t been named yet. “There will be new Titans, but I don’t know their names,” Sayaka posted.

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The Main Event

Sayaka claims to have seen the climactic battle in Hong Kong between Kong and Godzilla and confirms its length and violence factor:

“I’ve seen the action scene of Hong Kong War. The battle between Godzilla and Kong is about 5 minutes.
It’s a completely continuous action scene that doesn’t switch to the human story.
Godzilla looks like a beast. very violent.”

He added he saw Kong on a rooftop with Godzilla shooting up at him and the punch on the aircraft carrier seen at CCXP Brazil is a tribute to their fight in 1962. Back then, Kong was captured and taken to Japan on a raft.

Sayaka added GVK has two climaxes, the first being Godzilla and Kong’s fight and the second will have Mechagodzilla against the two of them:

“I would still say that the fight between Kong and Godzilla is the climax of the movie. This battle is an absolute epic. It will decide who is the real monster No.1.

The battle with Mg is the second climax, because mg is a huge threat to everyone.”

And there will be a winner:

“I would still say that the fight between Kong and Godzilla is the climax of the movie. This battle is an absolute epic. It will decide who is the real monster No.1.”

As far as the definite winner, Sayaka is tight-lipped:

“Considering that the film will not be released for another year, there are many questions I don’t want to answer now, such as the winning and losing of Godzilla and Kong, which will reduce everyone’s enthusiasm too early.”

Sayaka classifies the monster battles as “1v1” (perhaps Nozuki and Kong), “1v1” (Godzilla vs. Kong), and “2v1” (no doubt Godzilla and Kong teamed up against Mechagodzilla).

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New Powers

Sayaka reaffirms Godzilla’s “cool new powers.” However, he can’t say for sure if the G-Man will have an orange beam. “Godzilla will have cool new powers, but I haven’t seen the conceptual art of orange light,” Sayaka replied to a query.

The orange light sounds like Godzilla’s Red Spiral Heat Ray from the Heisei period he used to destroy the diamond-coated Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. Odds are good it will be in GVK as an Easter Egg for fans.

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Though Mega Godzilla doesn’t appear in the big fight, he doesn’t know if the design is in the film or not. He does guess any upgrade is something built by humans and will remind audiences of Pacific Rim and Avengers in terms of sci-fi elements:

”But I guess it may be the equipment made by human beings. In fact, there are a lot of science fiction elements in this movie. There are a lot of future technologies. GVK is not as realistic as the previous monsterverse movies. The level of human technology will remind you of the Pacific rim and the avenger or the Toho Godzilla movie.”

Warstu says these leaks are consistent with what he heard coming out of the test screening months ago thought to be a disaster. He also believes Sayaka is a reliable source based on how often he or she gets cited by G-Fans.

Warstu adds, despite the latest delay, it would be no surprise if a trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong was released in July during San Diego Comic-Con’s stay-at-home event though reports of that happening are simply “rumblings.”

Godzilla vs. Kong’s new release date is May 2021.

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