Another day, another leak – the hits just keep coming and so do the spoilers. More images of packaging for Playmates’ Godzilla vs. Kong figure line are getting out there. The latest contains a spoiler: a vehicle used by humans to possibly explore the Hollow Earth.

The following shot was taken by sb_toyz on Instagram and picked up by Godzilla-Movies. It shows a toy craft called the “HEAV” pictured on a box for one of the figures. Scroll on if you don’t mind any potential spoilers.

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As you can see, HEAV is an acronym for “Hollow Earth Anti-Gravity Vehicle” which means, if this thing is in the film, it will most likely be used to traverse the furthest corners of the planet’s innermost caverns where the Titans dwell.

Godzilla-Movies notes the “four thrusters on each corner for vertical take off/anti-gravity suspension.” Thus, the rumor GVK borrows from Pacific Rim and leans heavily into the over-the-top sci-fi anime aspects of the kaiju genre is probably true.

And that’s nothing new. Godzilla has seen his share of spacecraft and UFOs over his long history. The one that came to my mind immediately the moment I saw the above image was the Super X from the Heisei Era.

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Making its debut in 1984’s Return of Godzilla, the Super X was the experimental secret weapon of G-Force to neutralize the King of the Monsters when he resurfaced to attack Tokyo.

The air tank of a device successfully put Godzilla down until a Soviet missile irradiated lightning that revived the fallen Titan. He proceeded to drop a building on the prone craft and the men inside.

New and improved Super X’s took flight here and there between ’84 and ’95, nearly besting the giant beast in battle and preventing him from exploding with freeze rays.

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The question everyone has is who builds the HEAV and for what purpose, ultimately. Is it for travel and study, putting Monarch at the wheel, or is it a weapon concocted by the group Apex?

The latter is rumored to be GVK’s main human antagonists and could be behind the conspiracy against monsters teased in a few synopses.

Given that Mechagodzilla is confirmed for the film and its final battle, Apex may have their eyes on bigger guns. I just hope they are smart enough to remember the cadmium bullets.

Godzilla vs. Kong comes out, finally, next May.