Godzilla vs. Kong was hit with another delay but its prequel comics sure weren’t. Their release won’t just promote the movie; they’ll give us new details and fine-tune our expectations for the plot.

The comic, Godzilla vs Kong: Godzilla Dominion, had a synopsis released. Taking place directly after the events in King of the Monsters, it also looks ahead to what goes down in GVK.


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“A unique story that picks up after the events of the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, where the Titans have risen and the reign of Godzilla has begun,” the synopsis reveals.

Told “entirely from Godzilla’s point of view,” it says, “the graphic novel brings new insights into the King of the Monsters: His habitats, ancient rivalries, challenges, and encounters with new Titans. As his new era of dominance is tested, and a coming confrontation with another king looms.”

Screenshot Godzilla Kong Lightning

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Offering confirmation Godzilla vs. Kong will be a battle of kings, the summary does not say if any old favorites from Toho are returning in the graphic novel. It would be amazing to see the G-Man clash with Biollante or Anguirus again, as he did in the IDW days.

The synopsis also seems to debunk that there will be any doubt about Kong’s kingship. Fan theories run wild that The Eighth Wonder of the World will have to prove his worthiness against Godzilla to become King of Skull Island and maybe more – like inheriting that cool new ax for his arsenal.

Origins of Kong’s weapon are still unknown but might get revealed in his prequel comic, Kingdom Kong. Kong’s comic will feature a better look at his mighty beard, a return of old characters, and the debut of the new Titan Camazotz.

Kong and Brooks

The synopsis for Kingdom Kong as provided by Godzilla-Movies begins, “A sequel to the graphic novel Skull Island: Birth of Kong and a prelude to the film Godzilla vs. Kong, the upcoming Kong prequel graphic novel, will follow a group of highly skilled military pilots gathered together on Skull Island to see who has ‘the right stuff’ to take on a dangerous mission into the hollow earth.

It continues, “One of the pilots, Audrey, is haunted by the memories of a monstrous clash with one of Godzilla’s titanic rivals that left deep scars. When Skull Island is attacked by Camazotz, a bat-like Titan, Audrey must to come to terms with her inner demons, and finding his home newly threatened, Kong must rise to face this usurper that would plunge the world into perpetual night.”


Two synopses were released not too long ago for Godzilla vs. Kong itself. One very briefly teased Godzilla’s crown is on the line. Some fear that means his reign will end before it even begins.

That summary from IMDb reads, “As the gigantic Kong meets the unstoppable Godzilla, the world watches to see which one of them will become King of the Monsters.”

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The other explains what draws Godzilla and Titans to Skull Island. It also alludes to enemies of Monarch and “a nefarious conspiracy.”

“In a new world where man and monster now coexist, Monarch must lead the way to a prosperous future alongside the Titans, keeping humanity in check. However, rival factions that want to manipulate the Titans for war begin to rise under the guise of a nefarious conspiracy, threatening to wipe out all life on the planet. Meanwhile on Skull Island, strange seismic activity draws the attention of Godzilla and Kong alike.”


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We suspect Monarch’s rival is the group we reported about months back called Apex. The conspiracy probably concerns Mechagodzilla and wiping out the Titans. Alan Jonah may figure in as well with Ghidorah in tow although Charles Dance doesn’t appear to be in Godzilla vs. Kong.

It would be nice to have a trailer to clear things up instead of more images. The art is great, mind you; Legendary and Warner Bros. are just really testing the patience of G-Fans and the Kaiju faithful.

They could give us something but might feel like taking their time with GVK’s release being kicked to next May. On the bright side at least, the film doesn’t have that problematic and crowded November slot anymore.

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