Artist HaryuDanto recently shared a pinup of My Hero Academia’s Kyoka Jiro as a “busty bimbo idol.”

Kyoka Jiro is part of Class 1-A. Her first appearance in the My Hero Academia manga in chapter 5 and in episode 5 of the anime. However, during her first appearance we don’t even know her name yet. She’s shown in a small panel with the rest of Class 1-A.

You can see her in the second row just ahead of Fumikage Tokoyami and behind Mezo Shoji.

In Chapter 6, we would get a little bit of a better look at her, but a speech bubble would block off most of her head.

Her name is finally revealed in Chapter 7 where we find out that she placed 17th in the Quirk Apprehension Test.

We get our best look at her during Chapter 8 when she is paired up Denki Kaminari during the Battle Trial.

Finally, in Chapter 11 we see that she wears a black jacket with a white shirt and black pants. One of her ear lobes are plugged into a wall.

Her actual quirk isn’t revealed until Chapter 16 when the students of Class 1-A are confronted by the League of Villains during the U.S.J. Incident.

During the event we learn her quirk is called Earphone Jack and it allows her to “use her plugs to amplify her own heartbeat to deafeningly explosive levels!!”

Not only can she increase her own heartbeat, but she also has enhanced hearing that allows her to “detect even the faintest of sounds.”

As the My Hero Academia story progresses, Kyoka continues to develop her Quirk and creates multiple Super Moves including Counter-Balance, Heartbeat Distortion, and Heartbeat Sound.

She showed off her Heartbeat Distortion during the Provisional Hero License Exam Arc. In order to activate this move, she plugs in her jacks to sound-amplifying devices on her hands and then slams them into the ground sending powerful vibrations through the earth causing the ground to rip apart.

In a bit of interesting trivia, My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi revealed that Jiro’s quirk was the first one he came up with.

He explained in Jiro’s focus as seen in My Hero Academia Vol. 3, “Back before I even thought up this manga series, I was going home one day, earphones inserted, and I thought “What if I had a character who could plug earphones into all sorts of things to listen to them, or who could use the earphones like whips…! That’d be pretty cool!!” And that resulted in Kyoka. So if we’re talking about Quirks as opposed to characters, this is really the first one I came up with.”

He then added, “She looks like she’d play bass.”

Interestingly enough, Horikoshi would actually show Kyoka’s talent at playing bass as well as other musical instruments including the drums during the U.A. School Festival Arc.

Artist HaryuDanto seems to have found inspiration from the U.A. School Festival Arc and imagined Jiro as a “busty bimbo idol.”

Here’s a better look.

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