Viewership numbers and ratings for Swamp Thing’s debut on The CW are in.

Swamp thing

According to TV Series Finale, Swamp Thing’s debut had a .20 rating in the 18-49 demographic with total viewership of 1.105 million people.

To provide some context, the other DC Universe show to make the leap to The CW this year was Stargirl.

Again according to TV Series Finale, Stargirl premiered on The CW with a .31 rating in the 18-49 demo and saw total viewership of 1.224 million.

The show would eventually conclude with its final episode seeing 860,000 total viewers and a rating of .21. On average the show had viewership of 946,000 people per episode and a .21 rating.

Now, there is a difference between Swamp Thing and Stargirl. Swamp Thing’s entire first season has already debuted on DC Universe before it aired on The CW, while episodes of Stargirl aired on The CW just a couple days after it premiered on DC Universe.

In another comparison, Batwoman’s recent first season debuted with 1.860 million viewers with a .47 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

However, the show’s rating would decline rapidly with the show’s final episode only being viewed by 739,000 viewers and having a .21 rating. It would end with an average viewership of 995,000 and a .26 rating.

What might be even a closer comparison is CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery.

Like Swamp Thing, Star Trek: Discovery previously aired episodes on CBS All Access before they began broadcasting them on CBS beginning at the end of September.

Star Trek: Discovery’s Season 1 Episode 1 debut on the much larger CBS network only had a .20 18-49 demographic rating. It was viewed by 1.702 million people.

Given these comparisons it appears Swamp Thing had a pretty decent turnout for its season premiere on The CW.

What do you make of these numbers? Did you check out Swamp Thing? What did you think?

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