Either Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery or Liam Hemsworth could win the role of a villain in Netflix’s series based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Sandman Universe #1

An Illuminerdi exclusive report says Montgomery and Hemsworth are shortlisted for the role of The Corinthian, the toothy-eyed serial killer creation of main character Morpheus.

Hemsworth, the brother of the more famous Thor and Extraction actor, is said to be the frontrunner. He met with Gaiman earlier in 2020 and they may have discussed the role, though there isn’t any indication yet he signed a deal.

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The exclusive calls the Aussie Hunger Games star “a strong pick” bringing the right “amount of charm needed to make this monstrous figure” The Corinthian “appear humane and friendly.”

Montgomery is very much “in the mix” according to Illuminerdi, and not to be discounted. He’s in good standing with Netflix thanks to his time on Stranger Things as the abusive and douchey bad boy Billy.

Billy’s arc came to an end in season three after he was taken over by the Mindflayer and sacrificed himself to save his sister and the other kids. So his schedule is quite free.

Both have a chance of turning up beside Chris Hemsworth in the MCU. Liam Hemsworth is interested in playing Wolverine and Dacre Montgomery is rumored for Adam Warlock.

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Adam Warlock

The Corinthian was a nightmare created by Morpheus to strike fear in humans and remind them of their darkness. He got loose when the otherwise named Dream of the Endless was captured and took to preying on people before he was destroyed.

Corinthian didn’t come around until issue #10 of The Sandman which kicked off the “Dolls House” saga in which he was the main antagonist.

The Netflix series is reportedly adapting the first storyline that began in issue #1 of the Vertigo comic, “Preludes and Nocturnes.” Neil Gaiman previously admitted the show was going to be a different take and gender-swap a few characters. Clearly, they’re jumping around the canon too.

They may deal with his creation in the first season and set him up as a threat in the second although casting breakdowns hint Montgomery or Hemsworth are being eyed because Gaiman and executive producer Allan Heinberg want someone to play the “sexy villain.”

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Sandman - Corinthian

Tom Sturridge (Velvet Buzzsaw) was reportedly cast as Dream but we’re still waiting on an official announcement. A premiere date for Sandman has not been set.

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