The question of if Henry Cavill has indeed signed a new deal with Warner Bros. to continue on as Superman may have been answered by a very reliable source: his management.

Henry Cavill

His business manager Dany Garcia, also a business partner and ex-wife to The Rock, replied to the query and a GIF from a fan.

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“Is he coming?!” writes the Twitter user in a mention. She responded, “I would say he is most needed.”

That’s very oblique confirmation if it even is, but Garcia’s words are encouraging to hundreds of fans keeping a close eye on this story, including YouTuber Warstu.

He ran with the tweet from Garcia in a recent video update.

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Warstu bookends his videos lately with a clip of Cavill promoting Enola Holmes in which the actor is asked about Superman.

He deflects with a smile to keep the focus on his Netflix release starring Millie Bobby Brown, a reaction that’s confirmation enough to Warstu and most onlookers.

Scoopers, as well as reputable trades, have covered the news as if it’s a done deal. All that’s left is an official announcement from Cavill’s side or the studio.

Henry Cavill Superman

As for the nature of Cavill’s new deal, Warstu is adamant his sources tell him it’s not for cameos strictly or mere supporting appearances.

He is certain we are getting Man of Steel 2, based on a pitch by Cavill, and the speculated slugfest between Superman and Black Adam to be set up by a post-credit scene reportedly intended for the upcoming Black Adam movie.

The entire DC slate getting pushed back may very well mean we won’t get an official announcement on Cavill’s status as immediately as we would like.

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Henry Cavill-Superman-DCEU-tanks

Black Adam’s release date is up in the air but it still is firmly in production and casting is moving forward at a steady pace.

Dany Garcia is the founder of Garcia Companies, the overseer of The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions, and the new co-owner of the XFL now that her ex-husband and business partner has purchased the football league from WWE owner Vince McMahon.

McMahon started the XFL in 2001 and rebooted it this year. Both seasons failed miserably although the flopped relaunch in 2020 can be blamed on coronavirus.