Shazam! 2 is in development and may go the route of Batman & Robin and a Spider-Man sequel by splurging on the villains. Worry not, though, it’s for a good reason.

According to an Illuminerdi exclusive, the sequel entitled “Fury of the Gods” has a planned triple threat in the form of the Three Faces of Evil. But, there is a twist in the vein of Macbeth.

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Normally depicted as a hydra, the Three Faces might get separated into three women – as in a coven of witches. Casting info obtained by Illuminerdi indicates Warner Bros. is looking for actresses of varying ages to play the Faces as three “Sisters.”

In the range of seventeen to fifties at the least, the shortlist for the Sisters includes Zendaya, Eva Green, Halle Berry, and Helen Mirren. None of them has been approached as far as anyone knows. They are simply types being discussed.

Reaching a deal could be difficult if they try. Zendaya might be too wrapped up in Marvel commitments but there is always a chance she can find the time.

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The Three Faces of Evil are the personifications of Terror, Sin, and Wickedness – similar to The Seven Enemies of Man who brought chaos with Dr. Sivana in the first film.

These Sisters could very well come together to form the three-headed dragon in the final battle, but the three-witches trope by itself fits in with the mythological roots of Captain Marvel. In Greek myth, there was a trio of witches who shared sight through one eye.

Macbeth had a comparable triumvirate of sorceresses living in the woods that prophesied the main character’s rise and fall. They were later adapted as The Weird Sisters in Gargoyles, mystical beings from Avalon who, serving the Archmage, tormented then cursed Macbeth and Demona.

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Shazam vs. Sivana

The Three Faces of Fear make for an interesting threat but might only be one (or objectively three) piece of the puzzle. Shazam! teased more trouble from Sivana with the addition of Mr. Mind in the conquest of The Seven Realms.

Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, including its title, was announced at DC FanDome and accompanied by a poster reveal. Scheduled for now for a June 2, 2023, release, the film possibly stars comedian Sinbad, who may or may not play Tawky Tawny the Tiger.

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