Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl appears to team up with Gotham’s version of Antifa in the upcoming giant-sized Batgirl #50.

Batgirl #50 is the over-sized final issue for the Batgirl series from Cecil Castellucci, Emanuela Lupacchino, Marguerite Sauvage, and Aneke.


In an 8-page preview of the book released by DC Comics, it begins with Barbara Gordon and her father Jim Gordon burying James Gordon Jr. in the wake of the Joker War storyline.

In Batgirl #49, it’s revealed that James Gordon Jr. has a split personality and he’s been going around Gotham having redheaded women dress up as Batgirl and then killing them. Batgirl eventually tracks him down to a lighthouse, where in order to keep his shadow self at bay he leaps off the top to his death. 

Jim Gordon arrives at the lighthouse just as his son leaps to his death and as Batgirl attempts to save him. She fails to do so, and Jim Gordon believes Batgirl, not knowing she’s Barbara Gordon, killed him and even attempts to arrest her.

Following James Gordon’s funeral, Barbara takes her dad to an old diner where the two have burgers and shakes. During their meal, Jim Gordon advocates for a complete overhaul of Gotham.

He tells Babs, “The city needs a complete overhaul ever since the Joker took over the town, everywhere is run-down. Bad elements like Batgirl need to be lanced. More police in the streets to combat the mayhem.”

Barbara responds, “A scorched-earth policy isn’t going to be helpful.”

Following this statement, Babs begins to completely ignore her Dad, losing herself in her own thoughts before she finally slams her hands down on the table and shouts, “Dad. Shut up.”

She then goes on to state, “I work so hard to do do what I do. And when you put down my efforts with hateful misconceptions about Gotham or its citizens or even Batgirl–It hurts me.”

Babs finally gets up and leaves the diner. As she begins walking through Gotham, she joins in with what appear to be Gotham’s version of Antifa as they are tearing down statues and appear to have been launching projectiles in a protest.

As she begins to participate in these activities, we can read her inner monologue. She thinks to herself, “The death of an era is an opportunity to get rid of the old and usher in something new. Something better.”

She continues, “Take the time to reexamine our heroes. And maybe find new ones. I don’t know if these protests will actually stop the gentrification of these neighborhoods… but who’s to say what the best way to bring about change is? And is there one right way to do it?”

“I became Batgirl on a whim, but once I donned the suit, there was no going back. It was a way do some real good. But have I?” 

The next page shows police breaking up a protest at what appears to be some kind of government building. As the police line is advancing on the protestors and possibly rioters, Barbara Gordon is talking to a couple of citizens who say they are trying to rebuild their homes, but explain their homes have been condemned following the Clown Wars.

Gordon responds to them by telling them who she is and giving her, her card as part of Congresswoman Alejo’s office. Her internal monologue reads, “I chose to work for Congresswoman Alejo because I believed she could implement the changes that couldn’t be made by being a Bat. Or a cop.”

She continues, “I’ve been listening to what Gotham needs my whole adult life. I’ve even put my body on the line for her.” 

“These people put it all on the line, too. Just in a smaller way. A tiny action can make a big difference. I need to ask myself–how can I be of real service to the people of Gotham? In a way that intersects my two lives.”

The preview ends with Barbara Gordon encountering Ryan Wilder living in her van with her plant. Gordon tells Wilder, “Voting is a way to change things, Ryan. Let me know if you want help with housing.”

She then thinks to herself, “Have to remember to talk to Alejo about the homelessness and crisis and voter registration. As Barbara, that’s one thing and one person I can change for the better.”

Batgirl #50 is expected to be released on October 27th.

What do you make of Batgirl joining up with Gotham’s version of Antifa?

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