MCU Cosmic’s Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Conrad is quitting the website along with Star Wars Unity and DCEU Mythic after being targeted by the internet mob.

In a blog post posted to his website Manabyte, Conrad explains that he’s actually been trying to “get out from running the sites” for the past six months.

He goes on to explain that over the past two and a half years since he started MCU Cosmic, he’s become increasingly frustrated by his critics.

Conrad writes, “When I first put up MCU Cosmic two and a half years ago, I naively thought that people would want to read a site that tried to cut through the endless bullshit about comic book movies and tried to post what was realistically correct.”

“Sure I got stuff wrong and a lot of stuff correct, but no one acknowledges the latter and instead will focus on one thing for years just to hammer someone into giving up,” he continued.

Star-Lord and Thor

Conrad then added, “It’s extremely frustrating that people hold some sites to an impossible standard, while at the same time believing any bullshit that fits what they want to hear.”

He then details that his website and social media following put a target on his back and he is no stranger being a target of the internet mob.

However, he explains that “these things just escalate more and more and in the last few months it’s honestly become scary the levels some anonymous people on the internet will take to destroy someone.”

He then details he’s quitting and will no longer be updating any of the websites and will in fact delete the content from them.

Conrad writes, “So I’ll give them want they want. I’ll disappear and they can get their information elsewhere. Updates will cease and eventually the sites and content will be deleted; although this blog will remain.”

He does indicate he might archive the posts from the various websites to his Manabyte website.

Not only is Conrad claiming he will cease posting on his websites, but he also claims he will no longer be active on Twitter anymore.

He explains, “You also won’t see me active on Twitter anymore (I get more enjoyment flipping through TikTok anyways). I won’t stick around where I’m not wanted.”

Conrad also stated that he will no longer be updating his podcast either, “This also means the podcast will be ending. To be perfectly honest, it’s become very difficult for me to produce that on time over the last several months due to my real life schedule. I still managed to do it, but I feel the podcast has been suffering due to my lack of time for it.”

Conrad wrapped up his post stating, “Part of me is depressed at having to end it this way, as the sites have been such a big focus for me since April of 2018. But another part is relieved that I won’t have to spend every hour of the day (and night) focused on that anymore.”

He ended writing, “For those who don’t want to see me dead, I know this will be disappointing. I’ve enjoyed providing you content and insight over the last few years, but it’s time to move on.”

Recently, Conrad has been accused of being a “crazy QAnon believing far-right Trump supporter.”

The evidence from Twitter user @Neb153 are a number of screenshots from the video game forum NeoGAF, where he has commented on the alleged leaks of Hunter Biden’s laptop as well as posts discussing the targeting of Chris Pratt and Joe Biden’s comments regarding “white supremacy.”

Twitter user @Batmancanceeu would post a screen shot of a number of other forum posts from NeoGAF.

Another user @djangosmaximoff would attack Conrad as a racist and a sexist.

They then provided three screen shots of Conrad’s alleged racism, the first a tweet of Conrad complaining about a bad experience at a McDonald’s where the individual running the drive thru did not speak English.

The next examples is a comment about a Muslim working suing Disneyland regarding the company’s dress code and claiming they would lose the lawsuit because they knew the dress code beforehand.

Finally, they show a tweet of Conrad asking if Jews can build a synagogue in Mecca if a mosque is built on Ground Zero in New York City. 

Djangosmaximoff would also go after Conrad for criticizing ABC and the liberal media for attempting to ban guns. 

Twitter user @_ChristopherM also attacked Conrad and described him as a “vile Alt-Right nut who seems to be violent, misogynist, racist, and a conspiracy wacko.”

What do you make of Conrad quitting his websites?

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