DC Comics Reveals First Look At New Non-Binary Flash And Justice League Character, Plus “Gender-Flipped” Teen Justice Members

Justice League

DC Comics revealed a first look at their upcoming new non-binary Flash character called Jess Chambers aka Kid Quick.

As reported by ScreenRant, the character is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

ScreenRant’s Liam McGuire writes, “The character is genderfluid (non-binary) and uses they/them pronouns.”

Kid Quick will first appear in an eight-page story as part of DC’s Very Merry Multiverse by Ivan Cohen and Eleonora Carlini. The character will be part of Earth-11’s Teen Justice team.

Kid Quick won’t be the only Teen Justice character introduced in DC’s Very Merry Multiverse. DC Comics and Cohen will introduce Aquagirl aka Jacqui Hyde, Supergirl aka Laurel Kent, Robin aka Talia Kane, a character named Donald Troy, and Klarienne the Witch Girl.

Cohen described the team to ScreenRant, “Teen Justice is a new super-team on Earth-11, the world where there’s a Justice Guild instead of a Justice League and the heroes are gender-flipped versions of the heroes of the traditional DC Earth.”

“And while a lot of E-11’s history is a fairly straightforward reflection of the mainstream DCU, things are different enough that Teen Justice may in fact be the first kid-hero team in that world, so their mentors have no experience in how to deal with the dynamics of their sidekicks and proteges setting out as their own independent team,” he continued.

Cohen went on, “The membership of Teen Justice includes Aquagirl (Jacqui Hyde), Supergirl (Laurel Kent), and Robin (Talia Kane), who all only seem familiar. Aquagirl is this world’s Aqualad, Supergirl and Robin are the children of Superwoman and Batwoman, respectively.”

“More-offbeat characters I doubt anyone would expect are Donald Troy – Titans fans know better than to ask “Who is…” – Zatara’s protege, Klarienne the Witch Girl, inspired by a Kirby creation given bigger life by Peter David and Grant Morrison, so you know we’re in seriously weird territory; and the super-fast Jess Chambers, aka Kid Quick, whose aunt is Jesse Quick,” he explained.

As for the actual story, Cohen explained, “A New Year’s celebration. Alien Starfish, which are a beloved tradition for super-team debuts. Mind-controlled heroes fighting their sidekicks. And a super-team origin story that has no need for any pre-existing knowledge of the multiverse or appearances by the Justice Guild. And a few unexpected gender-flipped cameos for old-school DC diehards.”

“They’ll also get the debut of Earth-11’s Zatara, whose costume is… wow. And I can’t say enough about Eleonora’s artwork. I asked a lot of her in a very short story. A ton of characters, including New Years’ revelers in desperate danger, action, and room for jokes, and she delivered. She brought an energy to the visuals that made the story move. And that’s no small feat with maybe ten different characters having speaking parts in an eight-page action story,” he continued.

Here’s the official description for DC’s Very Merry Multiverse:

“Joy to all 52 worlds-it’s time to celebrate the holiday season across the DC Multiverse! In ten stories that will light your yule log and spike your eggnog, Batman decks the gaslit halls, Lobo goes Old Testament in space, Ragman learns the true meaning of Saturnalia, President Superman attempts to figure out how Bizarro stole Christmas, and Harley Quinn tries her hand at interdimensional caroling. These seasonal sagas are sure to help you have yourself a very merry Multiverse!”

Following Kid Quick’s debut in DC’s Very Merry Multiverse, the character will be joining the Justice League as the new Flash in Future State: Justice League. 

Cohen explained that decision, “I suggested that Kid Quick could be Earth-11’s first genderfluid character, and once editors saw Eleonora Carlini’s terrific take on the character design, there was suddenly a lot of interest in them for stories beyond the Merry Multiverse Special in December.”

Here’s the official description for Future State: Justice League:

“Witness the start of a new era for the Justice League starring Jonathan Kent as Superman, Yara Flor as Wonder Woman, Jo Mullein as Green Lantern, Andy Curry as Aquawoman, a new Flash from the Multiverse, and [REDACTED] as Batman! Together, they protect the future, yet apart, their identities are secret even from one another—but why? When their greatest adversaries wind up murdered in an abandoned Hall of Justice, all clues point to…the Justice League! The new team’s adventures begin here!

And in a new tale of the Justice League Dark, a witch hunt across the DC Universe begins as magic users are harvested and executed—and the team is on the run! Zatanna and Detective Chimp (now possessed by Etrigan) must round up new and old teammates, including John Constantine, Ragman, and Madame Xanadu. Their mission? To battle the power-mad Crow King, Merlin, before his plans for magical domination destroy the fabric of reality. But where is Dr. Fate? And what led the team to disband in the first place? Discover the truth here!”

What do you make of Jess Chambers and Kid Quick?

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