She-Ra and The Princesses of Power Fans Attack YouTuber ‘That Star Wars Girl’ Over Simple Tweet Describing Netflix Redesigns as “Infuriating”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fans have launched a campaign of harassment against YouTuber ‘That Star Wars Girl’ over a tweet describing the redesigns of the series’ Etherian warriors as “infuriating”.

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On November 14th, TSWG posted a series of tweets comparing the Netflix redesigns of She-Ra and other members of the Great Rebellion with their original designs, as seen in the original 1985 She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series.

TSWG described the differences between the two series’ designs with one innocuous sentence: “This is infuriating”.

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In response to this three-word tweet, She-Ra fans descended upon TSWG’s account, bombarding her with insults, insinuating bigoted motives for her posting of the tweet, and asserting their preference for the simplified designs of Noelle Stevenson’s reboot.

@KrystalHuntress accused TSWG of being unsatisfied with the redesigns “just because they added minorities”.

“how tf do you look at the old designs and think that shit looks good,” asked @Aweirderer.

@drizzyadora attempted to shut down TSWG’s opinion by stating that, because she was “white,” it was “automatically irrelevant and wrong god bless”.

“Literally f—ing cry about it,” said @wlwbimbo, who then insinuated that TSWG’s criticism was not based on the aesthetics of the reboot, but rather on how it “has lgbt representation and the new designs have more diversity”.

@boobs_69 accused TSWG of being both “racist and fatphobic” and framed her issues with the Netflix designs as the YouTuber “getting angry about cartoon titties”.

“Aw no !! I can’t get a boner now” @desnasbitch mocked. “So infuriating. Ew Diversity!”

@valgbtq merely insulted TSWG, ironically stating “It’s just a cartoon you sniveling bitch”.

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Again, it should be noted that all of this negative sentiment and outrage resulted from a three-word tweet, in which TWSWG only stated that the change was “infuriating”, an opinion shared by many fans of the original series.

As of writing, TSWG has continued to defend herself against the wave of outrage as it enters its second straight day, most succinctly summarizing her defense by pointing to how “nothing in my tweet had anything to do with body types or sex appeal.”

“You created that situation by projecting your own insecurities just exposing your own misogyny,” observed TSWG. “People are more than just their body types even cartoon characters. Get help”.

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