A new scoop hints that Godzilla vs Kong’s first trailer will drop at the CCXP convention, while Warner Bros. has simultaneously confirmed that the film will see a theatrical release.

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YouTube channel Warstu, who has extensively covered everything surrounding the film, from the various COVID-19 related delays to the slightest production details, is hearing from his sources that audiences will see the trailer for the highly-anticipated kaiju showdown finally premiere at this year’s Comic-Con Experience in Brazil (CCXP)

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Scheduled to take place on December 3rd, roughly two weeks’ from the time of this article’s writing, Wartsu believes that the trailer’s potential release would fit perfectly within the film’s marketing window, based on it’s currently set May 21st, 2021 premiere date.

As seen with most tentpole movies, from The Batman to The Suicide Squad, films generally drop their trailers anywhere between six months to a year out from their release date.

Warstu admitted that his updates are becoming somewhat meme-worthy based on their frequency and speculative nature, but asserts that he is confidently optimistic that this trailer debut will happen.


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CCXP also makes logical sense as a stage for a reveal of this magnitude, as last year, the convention featured the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer, which strongly hyped up the film’s now-cancelled June release date and served as the highlight of the entire convention.

A Warner Bros. sizzle reel shown at the event also gave audiences their first glimpse of Kong battling Godzilla atop an aircraft carrier, which was soon after leaked online, courtesy of a fan’s cell phone recording.

Though the studio was eventually able to flag and block the video out of widespread existence on the internet, the short clip was enough to make a splash and whet fans’ appetites.

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Warstu also described The Hollywood Reporter’s report of an alleged bidding war between Netflix and HBO Max, with the aim of circumventing theaters in order to release the highly-anticipated crossover directly to streaming, as nothing more than “clickbait”, citing a quote given on the subject by a Warner Bros. rep which confirmed that the studio still currently plans “to release Godzilla vs Kong theatrically next year as scheduled.”

According to THR, Netflix offered $200 Million to secure the exclusive streaming rights, but was blocked in their efforts by WarnerMedia, themselves having a 25% stake in the film by way of Warner Bros. Studios, who are being said to currently be preparing a counter-offer for their HBO Max platform.

No one from Netflix or Legendary commented on these rumors, but the story has fans worried Godzilla vs Kong will skip theaters altogether. However, as possible as this alternative release avenue may seem, especially if movie theater attendance continues to be impacted by the ongoing pandemic, there is currently no evidence to support these fears.

If the film does release to streaming, it will most likely follow the dual release strategy being employed by Wonder Woman 1984 this Christmas, but either way, fans are left hoping that the film will face no more delays, as they believe it’s far past time to find out which combatant will truly stand as king of the monsters.

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