Rumor: Disney Wants Gina Carano To Issue An Apology In Order To Get A Mandalorian Spinoff Show

Source: The Mandalorian (2020) Chapter 15: The Believer, Disney Lucasfilm

A new rumor claims that Disney is demanding that The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano issue an apology if she wants a spin-off show with her character Cara Dune.

The rumor comes from Black Lives Matter supporter and scooper Daniel Richtman.

As reported by We Got This Covered, Richtman posted the alleged scoop to his Patreon where he wrote, “Disney told Gina Carano she needs to apologize if she wants her own spinoff.”

However, as We Got This Covered notes, Richtman had previously posted a scoop to his Patreon indicating that a Cara Dune spin-off had already been cancelled.

We Got This Covered’s Scott Campbell noted, “Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the Mouse House have nixed any plans to have Cara Dune headline her own Mandalorianspinoff, which was widely been speculated to be one of the countless Disney Plus Star Wars shows in development.”

But what’s even more interesting is that Disney recently announced a new Mandalorian spin-off show titled Rangers of the New Republic.

Early fan speculation for the show indicates that it will star Carano as she was recently made a Marshall of the New Republic during The Mandalorian: The Tragedy.

However, Disney has not revealed any details about the show other than it’s title.

Related: The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano Accused of Transphobia for Refusal to List Pronouns in Twitter Bio

Carano has been at the center of controversy with a number of people on Twitter calling for the actress to be fired from the show and accusing her of transphobia.

The reason for the hostility against Carano comes comes from the fact that she allegedly ‘liked’ a tweet that mocked individuals who list their preferred pronouns in their social media profiles.

Carano would seemingly confirm this alleged like when she responded to a fan telling them that she will not be putting her preferred pronouns in her profile.

She tweeted, “Pedro & I spoke & he helped me understand why people were putting them in their bios. I didn’t know before but I do now.”

“I won’t be putting them in my bio but good for all you who choose to. I stand against bullying, especially the most vulnerable & freedom to choose,” she added.

Carano would later explain why so many people were upset with her stating, “They’re mad cuz I won’t put pronouns in my bio to show my support for trans lives.”

“After months of harassing me in every way. I decided to put 3 VERY controversial words in my bio.. beep/bop/boop,” she continued.

The actress then added, “I’m not against trans lives at all. They need to find less abusive representation.”

Twitter user Dataracer117 would document a number of the tweets targeting Carano in September.

He wrote, “Here is the bullying and harassment Gina Carano is receiving. SJW’s have been bullying her for weeks demanding she put pronouns in her bio & calling her a ‘transphobic, ugly b****.'”

He added, “They’re now trying to get her fired from Disney Star Wars.”

Related: The Mandalorian Fans Call For Gina Carano To Be Fired Over ‘Likes’ On Personal Twitter Account

Carano would continue to be targeted throughout November. In one instance SyFy Fan Grrls Associate Editor Courtney Enlow went after Carano for liking a number of tweets from Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, BlazeTV commentator Lauren Chen, and former speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.

Enlow wrote, “God Gina Carano is just the wort. Mando should do like Soderbergh did and replace her ass with Laura San Giacomo.”

One Twitter user would describe Carano as “a piece of human trash.” They then stated, “Didney [sic] needs to have a look at her twitter likes and fire her.”

Still another user called for her to be fired writing, “Urgh. Just discovered that Gina Carano from The Mandalorian is a trumper nutjob. I hope producers fire her ass and recast the role.” Oddly they tagged HBO Max.

Related: Gina Carano Backlash Culminates In Star Wars Fans Calling For Disney to #FireGinaCarano From The Mandalorian

Later in November, disgruntled individuals would attempt to get Carano fired using the Twitter hashtag #FireGinaCarano after she shared a meme criticizing Democrat government leaders.

One Twitter user attempted to smear Carano as “alt-right” because she uses a rival social media platform.

They wrote, “this isn’t just a difference in political opinions, what she has done and continuing to do is violent and harmful. she is supporting and defending white supremacists and their extremist ideals whilst voicing her own. #fireginacarano.”

Another user wrote, “being a racist, transphobic, pandemic denying bigot are not ‘awkward’ opinions, they’re harmful and dangerous but thanks for helping the hashtag reach the trending page #FireGinaCarano.”

Still another wrote, “the audacity of hiring a white woman who has blatantly made it obvious she doesn’t believe in racism to work alongside black men and a latino man is a f***ing insult and mocking poc at this point. fix this. #FireGinaCarano.”

Related: Pop-Culture News Outlet Popdust Calls on Disney to Fire The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano’s To Prevent Her From Using “Her Platform to Spread Ignorant and Dangerous Views”

Even pop-culture news outlet Popdust would call on Carano to be fired.

Writer Keith Baldwin would claim in his article that Carano uses “her platform to spread ignorant and dangerous views, her voice shouldn’t be amplified by a Disney seal of approval or the suggestion that she’s buddies with the beloved Baby Yoda.”

Baldwin would conclude the article calling on her to be fired. He wrote, “But what choice is there when the alternative is to continue adding to her profile and her ability to spread destructive messages? Just because her views are normal, doesn’t make them okay.”

While Carano has her detractors, her following on Twitter has actually increased significantly since people began attacking her.

Social Blade reports Carano would gain 33,000 new followers in August. In September she would gain another 42,000. And most recently in November she had a massive gain of over 100,000 followers.

What do you make of this latest rumor? Do you believe it?

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