The outrage against actress Gina Carano continues, with fans trending the hashtag ‘#FireGinaCarano’ in an attempt to grab Disney’s attention and demand that The Mandalorian star be let go from the series due to her disagreement with politically liberal social trends.

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Carano is no stranger to harassment and backlash from Star Wars fans, with the actress facing months of attacks based on her disagreement with certain social politics, including being accused of racism for sharing a historical photo of a man in a crowd refusing to give a Nazi salute during Adolf Hitler’s reign of Germany, transphobia for refusing to list her pronouns in Twitter bio, and a homophobe for simply blocking a gay Star Wars fan on the social media platform to avoid harassment from said individual.

The former MMA fighter has also been accused of being a ‘COVID denier’ due to her calls to open up businesses and churches in the face of the ongoing lockdowns in America, despite the fact that Carano acknowledged that the virus could not tell “the difference between a protest or praise & worship” and advocated for decision makers to enforce “whatever regulations you want to because that is your right”.

Most recently, fans called for her punitive action to be taken against Carano over the content of her Twitter ‘likes’, which generally opposed popular left-wing political stances.

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The latest round of hashtag-inspiring outrage began on November 14th, when Carano posted a meme mocking American Democrats and their response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, which jokingly claimed that ‘Democratic Government Leaders now recommends we all wear blindfolds along with masks so we can’t see what’s really going on”.

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Like clockwork, Carano’s tweet sparked a wave of outrage amongst those who disagreed with her political views, which led to such fans descending upon Carano, accusing the actress of various forms of bigotry, and calling for her termination with the eponymous hashtag.

@Darthsokas accused Carano’s actions of being not “just a difference in political opinions” and stated that “what she has done and continuing to do is violent and harmful.”

The user then pointed to Carano’s liking of tweets discussing how “America has a violent, leftist extremism problem” and a tweet by the actress announcing her creation and of a Parler account as evidence that “she is supporting and defending white supremacists and their extremist ideals whilst voicing their own.”

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Similarly, @sithshailar found Carano’s creation of a Parler account, as well as her opposition to “leftist extremism” and disillusion with the news media “calling an election” in the face of alleged irregularities, to be evidence of her extremist and bigoted beliefs.

“Alright fire this bitch its gone too far” they demanded.

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“She’s spread batshit conspiracy theories about covid, spread batshit conspiracy theories about election fraud, and mocked pronouns,” said @SW_takes, an account dedicated to mocking Star Wars fans through the eyes of critical social justice and race theory. “She no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.”

“But free speech and she’s a woman, you just want her fired for her different opinions blahblahblah” yeah if those opinions are racist, invalidating people’s existence, spreading harmful lies and propaganda and wishing ill upon people, then yeah, she doesn’t belong in Star Wars,” the account added.

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In response to user @EricMMrozek, who asserted that “the biggest problem that people have with the left” was how “instead of trying to listen and engage, these f—ers are trying to fire @ginacarano because she has a few awkward opinions,” @pascaltaron asserted that her “being a racist, transphobic, pandemic denying bigot are not “awkward” opinions.”

“They’re harmful and dangerous,” claimed @pascaltaron.

@Pixiepascal took issue with what they believed to be “the audacity of hiring a white woman who has blatantly made it obvious she doesn’t believe in racism to work alongside black men and a latino man”, declaring Carano’s continued employment to be a “f—ing insult and mocking poc.”

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Some fans accused Disney of hypocrisy, stating that if the company found it necessary to take action against The Mandalorian lead Pedro Pascal’s recent post comparing Americans who voted for President Donald Trump in the 2020 US election to outright Nazis and white supremacists, they should similarly take action against Carano’s tweets, despite the former’s post being an outright and explicit insult against millions of Americans while the latter’s content was merely the expression of her own personal opinions.

“I really don’t appreciate my escapist entertainment being tainted by a transphobic, covid-denying, racist, MAGA dumbf—,” said @PxRx. “Esp when @Disney is censoring Pedro Pascal for calling out MAGA.”

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@Jayngb6 shared their opinion that it was “funny how the same ppl mad about what pedro pascal said and was forced to take down are absolutely loving what gina carano is doing.”

“The same motherfuckers who got mad at pedro pascal for comparing trump supporters to nazis are the same motherfuckers eating this up,” said @poedjarin, seemingly solely based on Carano’s creation of a Parler account. “F— out of here. he was right.”

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As the backlash continued to mount against Carano, the Cara Dune actress shared the ‘The Man in the Arena’ passage from former President Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Citizenship in a Republic’ speech, which asserts that “it is not the critic who counts”, but rather that “the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”

“Who at the worst,” reads Roosevelt’s words, “if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

What do you make of this latest attack on Carano? What do you think it will take to make them end? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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