Star Wars Announces New “Gender Neutral” And “Genderless” Children’s Clothing Line

Star Wars recently announced a brand new collection of “gender neutral” children’s clothing.

As first reported by Disney Star Wars Is Dumb, the official website, states that the “40-piece collection, featuring everything from everything from clean-lined dresses to standard T-shirts, means you won’t have to shop in clothing sections marked for ‘boys’ or ‘girls.'”

The collection comes from Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg the co-founders and designers at nununu.

The duo were asked by, “Why is it important to you to make sure children and their parents have access to a genderless collection?”

Adler responded, “nununu is considered to be a pioneer in gender neutral clothing for kids. We have always been advocates of the freedom of expression and individuality, with the strong belief that little humans should never shy away from being themselves, which is why we have been offering gender neutral styles since our inception 11 years ago.”

In response to a separate question regarding how Star Wars relates to the nununu brand, Adler stated, “nununu has always been more than just clothes — we’re about breaking down barriers and always being up for the challenge, and we think the same goes for Star Wars.”

“The belief that even when life faces you with difficulties, there is this never-ending hope to continue the fight for the greater good and standing up for what you believe in,” Adler added.

As for the actual designs, Adler elaborated, “We love everything about Star Wars, and when we started designing the collection, we wanted to unite our passion of elevating fashion basics with the classic elements of the Star Wars we grew up on – with a modern twist.”

“Having these iconic characters that have been loved for generations as inspiration, we just had to incorporate our edgier aesthetic when bringing the collection to life, which we hope old and new fans alike will love,” the designer added.

In response to a question about the inspiration of the designs, Milchberg stated, “This is very much a part of nununu’s DNA, which has always been about elevated basics and a continuing dialogue of clean, minimalistic, and simplified design inspired by graphic design.”

The designer added, “We take a lot of inspiration from street art, which shows in the graffiti-like designs seen throughout this collection.”

What do you make of this new children’s clothing line? What do you make of the fact they are marketing it as “gender neutral” and “genderless.”

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