Here’s How Steve Trevor Returns in Wonder Woman 1984

As Wonder Woman 1984 begins to make its way into certain markets across the globe and various points of pre-release speculation are beginning to find themselves under scrutiny, one particular rumor regarding the circumstances of Steve Trevor’s return has officially been confirmed.

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With a film as highly-anticipated as Wonder Woman 1984, it’s no surprise that answers to fan questions have begun to flood onto the internet before most audiences have even had a chance to see the film.

For instance, thanks to early reviews, it’s now been confirmed that Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) is not just an allegorical representation of greed and excess, but also a stereotypical political parody of President Trump along the line of those seen in Joker, Birds of Prey, and countless other media produced by DC (where, clearly, messages and symbolism take priority over story and imagination).


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However, aside from the disappointingly unoriginal message behind the film’s villain, it has also been revealed how Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) appears in the far-flung future of 1984.

In confirmation of a months old leak/rumor, Trevor is resurrected, so to speak, by taking possession of another man’s body.

Steve Trevor

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According to the previous rumor, the body possessed by Trevor is that of Diana’s current-lover, who is supposedly being played by character actor Kristoffer Polaha. Known for recurring roles and guest spots on TV shows such as Castle and Mad Men, Polaha is credited in WW84 as “Handsome Man,” but whether or not he is romantically involved with Diana (or if he has a real name) remains to be seen.

It’s also true, as reported almost two years ago, that Diana brings back her former love through the use of the plot’s resident magical MacGuffin, the Wishing Stone. The stone is also speculated to be responsible for Barbara Minerva’s (Kristen Wiig) transformation into Cheetah and for granting Lord his supernatural powers.

As divisive as the method of Steve’s return looks to be according to early fan chatter, audiences can verify these rumors and draw their own conclusions when Wonder Woman 1984 debuts on HBO Max this Christmas.

How does this news strike you, readers? Is it shocking or expected? Leave us a comment, let us know your thoughts, and tell us if you’ll be seeing WW84 when it’s released in barely under a week!

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