Fans have discovered that a pivotal scene foreshadowing a death from the version of Final Destination available on Netflix has been censored.

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Originally released in 2000, Final Destination is widely considered to be one of the most iconic horror films of the era, having put a modern spin on the ‘teenage slasher’ film by featuring the concept of death and destiny as the story’s main villain.

The events of the film are set in motion on May 13th, as Alex Browning and his classmates depart for their senior class trip and board a flight bound for Paris. Before takeoff, Alex has a premotion that the plane will explode, and after a panicked fight breaks out onboard, he is quickly removed from the flight along with several others who were caught up in the scuffle.

Alex’s premonition soon comes to pass, and the plane explodes shortly after takeoff, killing everyone aboard. Soon after, he and the other survivors find themselves pursued by Death, as the metaphysical force seeks to reap their lives by orchestrating a series of elaborate ‘accidents.’

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Curiously, in a film filled with brutal and gruesome kills, it was not a death scene that was removed from the Netflix cut of Final Destination, but rather a brief moment foreshadowing the death of Tod (Chad Donella), Alex’s best friend.

While getting settled into their seats aboard the Paris-bound flight, two attractive young women ask Alex if he would agree to switch seats with them so they could sit together. Confused, Alex looks up to see Tod signaling how his plan to have both of them sit next to a respective girl on the flight predicates on Alex’s telling the girls ‘no.’

At one point, Tod mimes a threat to Alex, gesturing to his friend that he will choke and strangle him should he ruin the plan. Though brief, this ominous foreshadowing of Tod’s eventual hanging death at the hands of a chain reaction of events set in motion by Death is now curiously absent from the version of Final Destination available on Netflix.

[Time Stamp: 2:20]

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According to ScreenRant, “it was not Netflix who edited the film,” but rather “this version was delivered to Netflix from Warner Bros. in 2015,” whom the outlet surmises “must have made the edit themselves.”

It remains unknown why this particular edit was made, as of writing, Warner Bros. has not publicly commented on the matter.

Final Destination is currently available for streaming on Netflix in Australia and Japan.

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