According to a new rumor, a third Wonder Woman film will take Diana back to both Themyscira and the serious tone set forth in the series’ first film.

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Mikey Sutton, in his latest scoop for Geekosity, asserts that the film’s proposed tonal shift “has nothing to do with the mixed reception to 1984,” but is being done in order to make the film work in its “contemporary setting.”

He adds that the rumored third film in Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins’ Amazonian trilogy “will mostly take place on Themyscira“, and that while “DC Films doesn’t have a clear vision of what to do with the series going forward beyond the third film”, the supposed film will most likely be “Jenkins’ final at the helm” of the franchise.

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The noteable scooper also reports that DC Films wants “the Wonder Woman movies to incorporate more of the DCEU“, noting that, “By having much of Wonder Woman 3 in Themyscira, Jenkins can simply ignore events in Justice League or The Snyder Cut and focus on her own tale.

Sutton also revealed that long-time Wonder Woman foe Circe, whose origins date back to the Greek Mythology recorded in Homer’s The Odyssey, wherein the sorceress lures Odysseus and his crew onto her island before turning some of them into swine.

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In the pages of Wonder Woman, Circe first appeared Pre-Crisis in issue #37 (1949), wherein she is seen returning to Earth after being exiled into space by Hippolyta as punishment for abusing her magical abilities, which the sorceress used primarily to turn various humans into animals.

Upon her return, Circe discovers that Diana is the daughter of Hippolyta, and fearing a prophecy that warned that the Queen’s daughter would be Circe’s undoing, the evil sorceress turns her attentions to destroying Wonder Woman. The two have been bitter enemies ever since.

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Post-Crisis, Circe was the daughter of Ancient Titans and inherited power and immortality from the soul of her patroness, Hecate.

Circe tried everything to make existence for the Amazons hellish, from throwing Paradise Island into a demonic dimension to pitting them against their rival sisters from Bana Mighdall.

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She once went as far as posing as a lawyer named Donna Milton, in an attempt to catch Diana off-guard and kill her unawares. To do so, Circe casted a spell upon herself to make her forget her true identity in order to make her deception believable, which would only restore her memories when the time was right to strike.

In her enchanted fake identity, Circe would go on to become an ally and friend to Wonder Woman, providing emotional and legal support to the Amazon princess throughout a number of her adventures.

Eventually, as Circe and Donna’s souls battled for control of the woman’s body, Donna would use the last of Circe’s power within her body to teleport herself away from Diana, crying “You’re my only friend, Diana,” before disappearing forever.

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It’s not clear which version of Circe, if any at all, audiences could see in a third Wonder Woman film, though whichever incarnation makes it to silver screen, it’s likely that her character will be adapted to fit Jenkins’s signature brand of mysticism and subdued action.

Patty Jenkins is currently set to direct Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, which is due to release in 2023. Even being generous, one shouldn’t expect Wonder Woman 3 to enter pre-production until her Star Wars film lands in theaters.