Wonder Woman 1984’s scores on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes have fallen to the point that the DC film is now the worst-rated of the Extended Universe.

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IMDb, an Amazon site, gives it a star rating standing at 5.6 out of 10 with 90,653 user votes. That’s lower than Birds of Prey’s current score of 6.1 and Suicide Squad’s 6.0 score, formerly the lowest scoring DCEU film after over 596k user votes.

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On the flip side, the first Wonder Woman is the highest-scoring DCEU movie among fans at 7.4. Shazam! and Man of Steel tie for second right behind it. Both have a 7.0 score.

Most users – approximately 39k people – who rated WW84 gave it 5, 6, or 7 stars and the score is on par with Green Lantern’s 5.5 stars. That is worse by a small margin but, while a DC movie, Green Lantern is not considered an Extended Universe film.

WW84’s score on Rotten Tomatoes among critics is a little better but not by much. With 350 reviews counted, RT gives the film a score of 61%.

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It previously stood at 62% a day or two ago and has been dropping quickly since. The same is true for its IMDB score as people keep giving it negative reviews.

After advanced reviews, WW84’s RT score was much higher at 89%. That plummeted upon the HBO Max release and the site had to revoke an initial “Fresh” certification once the percentage fell below 75.

Not only is the critic score plummeting, but the audience score is in the basement as well. While the Verified Score sits at 73%, when you look at their All Audience Score it’s at a dismal 43% with an average rating of 2.82 stars out of 5 from over 15,000 people.

Viewers took issue with the sequel’s tone, amongst other flaws, that departed from the 2017 predecessor. More lighthearted, it looked as if Zack Snyder had no input on the creative direction, though he is listed as a producer.

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Zack Snyder Justice League

Director Patty Jenkins and writer Geoff Johns worked on the story and the script so they shoulder most of the blame for WW84’s problems. Reshoots after a bad test screening may too be a culprit but to what degree is uncertain.

Wonder Woman 1984 didn’t do so well in a few markets including the coveted one of China. It came in a distant second behind a domestic release in its first weekend and dropped by 92% in the second weekend, from an $18.5 million opening total to a paltry $1.55 million.

All told, WW84 is projected to barely make half of what the first one did. The twist, however, is a sequel was not only greenlit but is reportedly being fast-tracked.

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