The Snyder Cut of Justice League may only be a few months out from its HBO Max release date, but that hasn’t stopped director Zack Snyder from teasing fans with glimpses at the film’s post-production work.

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In a video taken during a recent audio mixing session and shared to his Vero account, where the director has regularly shared behind-the-scenes peeks with his followers during the film’s production, Snyder revealed a never-before-seen image showing Steppenwolf in combat against an Atlantean soldier.

Snyder must like what he’s hearing, because he wrote “This sounds insane” in the caption.

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The sound mixing currently being done by Snyder and his team reportedly includes the laying over of the film’s new soundtrack, as provided by originally-slated Justice League scorer Junkie XL, who was reaplced by Danny Elfman after Snyder’s abrupt exit from the project and subsequent replacement by Joss Whedon.

In Whedon’s theatrical cut, Steppenwolf does venture to Atlantis in order to retrieve a Mother Box. However, while he does tussle with Mera, Aquaman, and a few Atlantean guards, the scene was brief, lacked action, and was ultimately underwhelming.


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Snyder has been working on the mixing for his version all week at Co3 studio in LA. On Monday, he shared another image of his workspace, which featured a fresh look at Cyborg, as portrayed by current Warner Bros. persona-non-grata Ray Fisher.

Unfortunately, despite his upcoming appearance in The Snyder Cut, Fisher’s public but unsubstantiated grievances against Warner Bros., and specifically DC Films head Walter Hamada, have left the actor’s DCEU fate in question.

Recently, Fisher tweeted that he would not work on any project overseen by Hamada, and as a result, found himself and his meager role removed from The Flash.

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From Steppenwolf to Cyborg, the run time, and sound design, everything about The Snyder Cut is setting up to be even bigger than its 2017 predecessor.

Though an exact release date for the HBO Max exclusive hasn’t been confirmed by the studio, Snyder previously assured fans that WarnerMedia is shooting to premiere the film in March.

Snyder Cut release and new photos

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Whether the newly announced March 26th release date for Godzilla vs. Kong could affect those plans remains to be seen, especially as Warner Bros.’ controversial dual-release schedule is untested water.

Recently, the man himself confirmed that The Snyder Cut would be a full-length feature rather than a miniseries, as previously reported.

Recall that the uncut movie is four hours long. 

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