Justice League Actor Ray Fisher Declares He Will No Longer Work With DC Films Head Walter Hamada

Ray Fisher as Cyborg-Justice League
Source: Justice League (2017), DC Entertainment

If Warner Bros. still plans to move ahead with its numerous spinoffs to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, its possible that the role of Cyborg will be recast, as current actor Ray Fisher is refusing to work with Head of DC Films Walter Hamada.

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Fisher, in the latest chapter of his crusade against WB and those he alleged wronged him during the Joss Whedon-led reshoots of Justice League, took to Twitter to share the recent New York Times article focusing on Hamada and DC’s cinematic future and accuse the studio executive of being a liar and “the most dangerous kind of enabler.”

“His lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept 4th hit-piece, sought to undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation,” he continued. “I will not participate in any production associated with him.”

If he holds to that bold statement, his participation in the DC Extended Universe post-Snyder Cut is effectively over.

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Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Responds to Warner Bros.'s Statement on Justice League Misconduct Accusations

That means no Cyborg solo movie for theaters or HBO Max, though to be fair, its unlikely the canceled project ever had any hope of being resurrected.

Through the thick and thin of choosing to speak out against what supposedly went down while filming Justice League under Joss Whedon, and an investigation he rattled cages to set in motion, Ray Fisher found support among some of his fans and co-stars, including Jason Momoa and recently Gal Gadot – who lauded Fisher for saying “his truth.”


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But odds aren’t on his side that WarnerMedia will cave to him again – not while Hamada is being placed front and center as the hands-on leader and face of DC’s next wave of productions.

However, most daming to Fisher’s case, is the fact that Hamada was not an executive at DC Films/Entertainment when Whedon was working on Justice League, nor was he chief there when the actor first made public his accusations.


Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Responds to Warner Bros.'s Statement on Justice League Misconduct Accusations

Friction began between Hamada and Fisher in July when it became clear the actor was unhappy with the way Cyborg’s cameo was written in the script for The Flash.

He requested revisions that weren’t adopted and Hamada had to remind him twofold that creative differences happen and writers/directors have the final say – granted, only to a certain extent.

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This past Labor Day weekend, Fisher fired back at Hamada in a statement chastising him for not cooperating with the investigation and failing to present evidence backing up his claims.

Despite this, the investigation quietly continued, finally wrapping in December when Warner announced “remedial action” was taken. We don’t know what that involved, but it may have been related to Joss Whedon losing his spot as showrunner of The Nevers.

Fisher responded vaguely to the conclusion of Warner’s investigation, tweeting that while “it has lead to remedial action”, there was “some that is still to come”.

“And this statement (which truly belongs to ALL who participated in the investigation)” Fisher shared. ““WarnerMedia appreciates you having the courage to come forward and assist the company with creating an inclusive and equitable work environment for it’s employees and partners.”

However, so far, nothing has come to light about the action taken; though he hints at things we’ve seen without identifying exactly what.

Based on Fisher’s latest shot at Walter Hamada, there is a likelihood the Justice League star won’t be around to see either the further results of Warner’s investigation come out or any appearance in The Flash.

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