Star Wars And Lucasfilm Officially Support Calling All White People Racist

The official Star Wars Twitter account has thrown their support behind new hire Krystina Arielle and her declaration that all white people are racist.

Earlier today Bounding Into Comics reported on a number of tweets that Arielle, the new host of The Star Wars The High Republic Show, where she called all white people racists.

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Here’s just a few of those tweets.

In March 2020, she wrote, “White people: f***ing stop it. Your racism won’t save you. Your ignorance is not an excuse.”

In May 2020 she wrote, “White conservatives please stop invoking racism like you give a s***. You don’t. You just want to be able to say ‘what about’ when someone calls out 45 and his blatant racism.”

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In June 2020, she wrote, “Just a reminder that White Women are just as complicit in the upholding and enforcing White Supremacy.”

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Also in June 2020 she wrote, “I don’t have an ego. I am also not a bully. I have said repeatedly I don’t owe White people a conversation about racism. I’ve been living with it. They’ve been doling it out. I am not entering a conversation where people are intent on not understanding me.”

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The official Star Wars Twitter account has now come out in support of Arielle’s comments declaring white people racists.

The account wrote, “Our Star Wars community is one of hope and inclusivity. We do not stand for bullying and racism. We support Krystina Arielle.”

What do you make of Star Wars officially coming out and openly declaring they believe that all white people are racists?

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