A new rumor claims The Walt Disney Company will soon attack its founder Walt Disney in order to make more money via communist China.

This new rumor comes from Disney scooper WDW Pro at Pirates and Princesses and it follows the news that Disney is all but declaring their own classic films such as Peter Pan, The Swiss Family Robinson, Dumbo, and The Aristocrats racist.

Messages accompanying all four of these films on Disney+ read, “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.”

It concludes, “Disney is committed to creating stories with inspirational and aspirational themes that reflect the rich diversity of the human experience around the globe.”

The rumor also follows Disney Park’s announcement that they will be changing their Jungle Cruise ride at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

In a post announcing the change, Disneyland Resort’s Public Relations Director Michael Ramirez stated, “Today, we’re excited to share that we are building on the story of the Jungle Cruise at both Disneyland park at Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort to include new adventures that stay true to the experience we know and love – more humor, wildlife and skipper heart – and also reflect and value the diversity of the world around us.”

Carmen Smith, the Creative Development & Inclusion Strategies executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, added, “As Imagineers, it is our responsibility to ensure experiences we create and stories we share reflect the voices and perspectives of the world around us. With Jungle Cruise, we’re bringing to life more of what people love – the humor and wit of our incredible skippers, while making needed updates.”

This isn’t the first time Disney Parks announced they were going to make significant changes to one of their classic rides in the name of reflecting the voices and perspectives of the world around us.

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Back in June 2020, they announced they would be reimagining their Splash Mountain. Again Michael Ramirez explained why they decided to change the ride.

He stated, “The approach to retheming or “plussing” attractions (as Walt Disney referred to it) begins with Imagineers asking the question, how can we build upon or elevate the experience and tell a fresh, relevant story?”

“It’s a continuous process that Imagineers are deeply passionate about. And with this longstanding history of updating attractions and adding new magic, the retheming of Splash Mountain is of particular importance today,” he continued.

Ramirez then sloughed off the facade of ‘plussing’ the ride and revealed the real reason was for inclusion and diversity. He said, “The new concept is inclusive – one that all of our guests can connect with and be inspired by, and it speaks to the diversity of the millions of people who visit our parks each year.”

Carmen Smith would then confirm the real reason behind the change, ““We continually evaluate opportunities to enhance and elevate experiences for our guests. It’s important that our guests be able to see themselves in the experiences we create.”

Smith continued, “Because we consider ourselves constant learners, we go to great lengths to research and engage cultural advisors and other experts to help guide us along the way.”

“I am incredibly proud to see this work continue to move forward with great support from leadership across Disney,” Smith concluded.

While WDW Pro mentions Splash Mountain and Disney labeling their own content like Peter Pan and The Aristocrats as “wrong” as evidence, the company has also fully embraced “inclusion” on a corporate level.

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In November 2020, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro announced the whole focus of their theme park division was to create a “truly inclusive environment.” 

During the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo, D’Amaro stated, “Events in the U.S. forced us to look across our entire business with an updated lens and frankly we have some work to do both on stage and backstage.”

He added that the company believes “that truly inclusive environment is critical to fostering ideas from all people to help us grow, innovate, and create the best stories possible.”

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In September 2020, despite most of Disney’s theme parks being shut down or in limited operation, the company announced they were adding a new “Inclusion Key” as part of their training for theme park cast members.

Disney revealed the new key in a statement issued to their employees, “For more than 60 years, the Four Keys of Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency have provided a foundation for our culture and guided our renowned approach to service as we’ve welcomed Guests from all over the world.”

It continued, “As we keep moving forward and working together to drive meaningful cultural change, we are introducing Inclusion as a new key and will be rolling out the Five Keys globally across the segment.”

This addition of the Inclusion Key came after Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced in an earning’s call in August that the company had “established diversity and inclusion pillars” and would be moving toward “greater representation and inclusion.”

While WDW Pro does not mention this, it lends even further credence to the scooper’s claim that The Walt Disney Corporation plans to throw the company’s founder Walt Disney under the bus in their greedy pursuit of embracing communist China.

WDW Pro explains, “There’s a concerted effort brewing, and that effort is to besmirch the man who founded the company. Sully him enough, cover the deceased genius with enough filth, and you can justify shuffling off his legacy down the road. It won’t be this year, it probably won’t be next year. But Walt’s gotta go to get into China truly.”

In order to further support this claim, WDW Pro details that it doesn’t make sense for Disney to describe its own content as racist if they don’t also plan to call the person who produced that content a racist.

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WDW Pro, referencing The Walt Disney Company’s praise of communist China in their Mulan film, writes, “It makes a lot of sense for a company – that celebrates governments using concentration camps – to do whatever it takes to get in the most fertile market in the world. But to fully get into China, you gotta ditch Walt.”

The scooper then condemns Disney and the people in charge, “Why would the company that cozies up with genocidal, slavery-endorsing communist regimes suddenly have the impetus to do anything moral? These people don’t have scruples.”

He goes on to point out that if they really took issue with the films like Peter Pan, they would completely remove them, ” If this were at all about the movies being tarnished by scenes that are no longer acceptable, they’d just remove the scenes or alter them. They’ve done that before.”

The scooper concludes, “The fact that they’re carte blanche labeling their own heritage, their own classics, as racist and unworthy of viewing by children… well, they know what they’re doing even if the general public doesn’t quite yet.”

He closes out the post with an article from China Daily that declares, “building a community with a shared future for mankind is the right way for the whole world to cope with global challenges and build a more prosperous world.”

The article includes multiple countries committing to this vision. However, what exactly that vision really is remains unclear.

While it sounds great on paper, it’s abundantly clear that China doesn’t follow it. Case in point, just look at how they treat the Uyghurs. Look at the multiple reports about the government of China knowingly using slave labor.

This is the country that was kidnapping the children of their own citizens and then selling them in adoption markets to people who didn’t have a clue.

If that world looks anything like China, you better hope you are in the good favors of China, and maybe that’s exactly what Disney is doing. They are selling out in order to save their own hides.

It’s something Walt Disney would never do. In fact, Disney condemned communists and expressed his hope they would be smoked out.

While testifying in front of Congress, Disney stated, “I don’t believe it’s a political party, I believe it’s an Un-American thing.”

He added, “The thing that I resent the most is they are able to get into these unions and take them over and represent to the world that a group of people that are in my plant, that I know are good 100% Americans, are trapped by this group, and are represented to the world as supporting all of those ideologies. And it is not so.”

Disney continued, “I feel that they really oughta be smoked out and shown up for what they are, so all the good free causes in this country, all the liberalisms that really are American can go out without this taint of communism. That’s my sincere feelings on it.”

Walt added, “If the thing can be proven un-American that it ought to be outlawed. And I think some way should be done without interfering with the rights of people. And I think that will be done. I have that faith. Without interfering, I mean with the good American rights that we have now and we want to preserve.”


What do you make of WDW Pro’s claim that The Walt Disney Company will soon begin attacking founder Walt Disney?