Following the release of the red band trailer, Mortal Kombat director Simon McQuoid revealed more details about the film including who will be one of the key villains.

McQuoid spoke with IGN, where he broke down the trailer almost scene by scene.

When discussing the part where Sub-Zero rips off Jax’s arms, he reveals the film will be taking license with the Mortal Kombat canon on occasion.

He explained, “In this film we needed to drive a few certain characters and narratives, and so given that [Jax losing his arms] had been done a couple of different ways in the past, we felt we had a bit of license to do that again here.”

“We’ve really tried to be very truthful and true to the canon where we can be, but every now and again, we might deviate slightly where we felt that it was okay to do so,” he added.

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IGN would later reveal that “McQuoid described Sub-Zero as the key villain of the film.”

We’ll see if that holds up as the trailer also showcases Goro, Shang Tsung, and Mileena.

Aside from discussing Sub-Zero and Jax, McQuoid also explained why they felt it was okay to introduce new character Cole Young played by actor Lewis Tan. He stated, “We felt it was okay to bring in a new character given that Mortal Kombat has over the years introduced new characters quite a bit.”

He would also discuss Scorpion and how they looked to Japanese history to get the character right. 

McQuoid explained, “Hiroyuki Sanada was really incredibly helpful in getting the Japanese history right on this character. We really wanted to be very true to his heritage and make it feel very genuine. That’s really why it was born out of this touch of samurai about it.”

“Obviously there’s been many, many versions of Scorpion’s costume and how he looks, but out of authenticity came this version of Scorpion that kind of felt real, but also felt very powerful,” he added.

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As for the fatalities, which are a signature trademark of the Mortal Kombat franchise, McQuoid revealed the studio was on board with them, “The Fatalities were always in from the get-go, there was never any question from anyone at all. There was no resistance from the studio. They wanted them, I wanted them.”

He went on to discuss Kano’s fatality seen in the trailer, “There’s a fatality from Kano, he ripped someone’s heart out. But what was important to me was that even when the Fatalities arrived, we couldn’t just do a Fatality and have it mean nothing. … It actually becomes an important ingredient in the rhythm of the action scene.”

Mortal Kombat arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on April 16, 2021.

What do you make of McQuoid’s comments? Are you interested in checking out Mortal Kombat?

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