IDW announced Jim Lee’s run on the X-Men has gotten the Artist’s Edition from the publisher.

According to IDW, “The Artist’s Edition format reproduces Jim Lee’s original artwork at original size, meticulously scanned to preserve every minute detail and subtle nuance of the superstar illustrator’s skill.”

Lee touted the Artist’s Edition stating, “This artwork represents a very distinct and hyper-exciting period of my career, when everything was evolving and growing really rapidly.”

He added, “The collected art looks just like the originals, and it’s great to experience it in a handy oversized book. It brings back incredibly fond memories of creating this work, and my love for the characters. I’m happy that the fans love it so much!”

Lee’s inker on the famous X-Men run with Chris Claremont, Scott Williams, added, “Jim Lee’s X-Men comics defined an era. I got a front row view of the perfect pairing of artist and character that exploded off the pages, becoming an iconic template for a generation of comic fans.”

Williams continued, “Beautifully reproduced and presented, Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition is a nostalgic look back at the fun of what ‘90s comics could be. So grateful to have been a part of it all!

The Artist’s Edition includes every single page from Claremont and Lee’s X-Men #1 that debuted back in 1991. It also includes 100 other examples of Lee’s artwork including ” covers, splashes, pin-ups, interior pages, and trading cards, as well as a double foldout of all four X-Men #1 connecting covers.”

The book is currently retailing for $150 in the United States and $195.00 in Canada. It is a hardcover book with a total of 160 pages long containing black and white artwork.

Not only is there the regular Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition, IDW will also be exclusively selling Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition – Signed & Numbered Variant through their web store.

This version features an alternate cover with the original artwork to X-Men #5 and comes with a “bound-in signature plate limited to 175 units, autographed by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.”

This exclusive version retails for $300 and as noted is limited to only 175 units. However, when you try to purchase it through the webstore you get a message saying it is not available to purchase.

It reads, “Sorry – This item is not available from the IDW Website at this time.”

It’s unclear if it’s already been sold out.

The non-exclusive non-signed version is available to purchase in stores today.

Do you plan on picking up Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition?