Agent Poso Creator Jack Posobiec Explains How To Deal With Cancel Culture

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Agent Poso creator and OAN host Jack Posobiec recently appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, where he discussed a variety of topics including how to deal with cancel culture.

Speaking with Look Ahead America’s Matt Brainard, Posobiec detailed that just complaining and pointing out the double standard of cancel culture is ineffective. Instead he suggested an alternative.

While discussing how to build a political coalition for Republicans, he stated, “If you want to build a political coalition, I’m telling you, if you want to build a political coalition, that is how you do it. You go to the center, you get the people who are sick of the extremes, and you get the people who are sick of the partisanship, and the people who are against cancel culture.”

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He then detailed how you fight back against cancel culture, “Cancel culture will not stop if we just complain about it and we’re just complaining about double standards all the time… they’re coming at you. Cancel them back. Cancel them back.”

He added, “That’s the only way it’s ever gonna stop. That’s the only way it’s ever going to stop.”

Posobiec would later double down quoting himself on Twitter, “Cancel culture will not stop if we’re just complaining about double standards all the time. They’re coming at you. Cancel them back.”

While Posobiec would advocate for canceling individuals who have been actively participating in cancel culture, he would later encourage people to abandon legacy social media platforms and get on new social media platforms.

He stated, “Shutting down the ability for patriots, the ability for people to communicate, to have those conversations, and to provide information, this is clear, to provide information that may be seen as troublesome to these sort of establishment narratives. To be able to go to the actual data, to provide the information, it says ‘well wait a minute this is different from what your data actually says. What’s going on here? Can you show your work?’ No, they can’t show their work.”

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Posobiec continued, “That’s why they’re trying to shut it down because if you can shut down that critical node, or in the Navy we would have called it a strategic choke point. If you can shut down that strategic choke point or strategic lines of communication, then you’ve already won. You’ve won the battle, your done, you’ve cut the supply lines.”

“That is why they are trying to shut down social media. That is why it is so amazing to see people using new social media that rising up, that’s coming up,” he added.

The Agent Poso creator then stated, “But I do also believe, this is just me, look I’m here and I’m going to say it, this isn’t about conservatives, this isn’t about liberals, this is a civil right. This is a civil rights issue.”

You have a right in the United States of America to the freedom of speech. Period. And we need to start… As a movement we need to start looking at it that way. And if there needs to be a legislative change to make it happen then so be it. Because the last time we checked we have governments to secure our rights, which are given to us by God.

What do you make of Posobiec’s advice to deal with cancel culture?

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